Italy merc build

Also, YouTube promotion
We’re still uploading the in-house tournament of the sunbros discord with the finals coming up this weekend.
For now, check out this Italy mercenary build that effectively countered a lakota fast industrial in the lower bracket finals:


Lakota player not use the OP age 4 card 21 inf and upgrade all inf…


That card was banned by tournament rules :slight_smile:


@Sergiusenpai interesting, u know what else cards have been banned in the tournament?

It’s a nice strategy, but I don’t know if the trattoria card is worth renouncing completely to lombards.

At least the uffizi and the age 3 and 4 coins cards should be in the deck to transition in the late game into lombards.

Anyway great game, I’ll probably try something similar sooner or later…

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