Italy needs to strengthen its treaty model

  1. Improve the Lombardy mechanism, reduce the burden of micro management, increase the deposit amount to 10k
    2, add new reinforcement cards to enhance the health of musketeers, just like in France.
  2. Add artillery acceleration training cards to make up for the shortage of factories.
  3. Train soldiers in churches and no longer occupy shipping.
  4. Add a mill reinforcement card to increase the speed of meat,
    6,For every enemy defeated, give a reward of 5% gold coins, not 3k
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Yeah, agree. Italy’s game mode is based on strong micromanagement of its economy by the Lombards, however, in the end, these do not represent any advantage, since they do not compensate for the absence of a second factory. On the other hand, their army is really weak, the bersagliere loses against most skirmisher units and is expensive. His musketeer is dogshit, it does not serve as a cavalry counter because of how weak he is, having to resort to the halberdier, which has been nerfed and is only situational. His cavalry is standard. Probably, if they received engineering school as you mention, and reduced the speed and population of the papal bombardment, they would have good artillery. Actually, to the suggestions you make, I would add:

  1. That Garibaldini’s card also increased the HP of all rifle units.
  2. Probably replace the musketeer with redshirts with the basilica card.
  3. reduce the population by 1 and increase the speed of the papal bombard
  4. Facilitate access to papal units in the imperial age.
  5. That Italy acquires an infinite card for sending resources to the Lombards.
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