Italy nerf_suggest

why did italy receive so many nerfs? in treaties it’s not good at all. my suggestions for a balance between the two mods are as follows. i agree with the architects, i disagree with the pavisier buff and the bersgalieri nerf. could you leave the bersgalieri as they have left in the treaty is a basic unit. you could also put a card in age 4 that could activate the papal lancers and zouaves in the barracks but give them both nerfs with the restrictions you have already put in this way the players of the treaty could use them, but the sup players can’t, since they rarely reach age 5. Finally, you could change the dragoons with the carabinieri.

Italy is still trash in treaty, the buff of the pavessier doesn’t represent a big change. Papal units take too much time to arrive. Weak army and the same bad eco, really disappointed.
I feel cheated for buying an expansion that cannot be used because of how bad civilization is.
I hope that the nerfs in supremacy are enough so that the civ is finally buffed in a treaty. But i think the devs will never buff it.

Italy is a great civilization just not that good in treaty same as malta. The pavisier buff is great, they’re pretty much on par with maltese arbalesters now and it’s a nice alternative to bersaglieri, the only thing I’d change is give them +1 range with the guard tech instead of the imperial tech.

I think it will be hard to buff both of these civs in treaty, maltas units all cost 2 population and late game there’s nothing that really compensates for no second factory, with italy lombards are a gimmick and other than the cards to deposit resources they’re not worth much and are no where near the production of a factory. Italy has in general quite mediocre military units as well, the bersaglieri is good in 1v1 at avoiding bad fights and killing vills but in large scale battles it loses to most skirmishers, the papal bombard is also a terrible unit that desperately needs buffing as it is far worse than heavy cannons or bombards, even equal res falcs do better.