Italy treaty

1.can we replace dragoons with carabinieri?
2.can we replace with a card like germany pavisiers with redshirts?
3.musk of italy needs new skin and some buff are weak than other musk
4.maybe nerf somehow lombards and add some cards about eco at mills and estate?

Speaking strictly in terms of modding, yes, all of that is doable.

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You are dev? At the game?

No he is not dokimos
And didn’t you ask the exact same questions in discord already ?

Of course and i am dokimos of discord.people say ask here and not discord

But we gave you the exact same answer there xD

What answer was?and where is the priblem ask here the devs?

Sorry, I would love to be a dev but I unfortunately am not :slightly_frowning_face:

I mean, this was posted in a modding subforum and therefore, I said everything was doable. There’s no technical limitation as far as I can tell.

But asking for the devs to do it for the entire game and apply it for the entire playerbase is a completely different thing. I can’t speak for the devs.

I left the discord server a few months ago so I’m not aware of what both of you are talking about. Sorry if I was intruding :sweat_smile:

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What is the modding discord?

You mean the " Modding " channel in the aoe discord ?

Yeah I guess I don’t have the AOE discord

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