Italy two taverns age 2 card

Hello guys!
There is a card that sends two taverns and the description says it “generates income for you”.
What income does it exactly generate?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Taverns trickle coin if you click on it it’ll tell you how much.

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0,60 coin/second each

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use a card gotejamento de 1.65 ouro e o cartão 1.20 você tara + - o que vale a 5 aldeões com taxa base de ouro
2,85 ouro

Each Tavern generates 0.60 coin per second. It functions exactly like any other civ’s tavern, training outlaws and mercenaries.

I wouldn’t recommend it for Italy though. Italy’s Lombards are a direct replacement for the Taverns, they can train the same units, but generate far more resources trough its unique investment mechanic and you can build 5 of them.

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Yeah capitalism is just better if you must have a gold trickle though I suppose you can stack them both.

Don’t get it, 400w + 1.2 coin trickle for age 2 card, when lombards already function as taverns, not worth imo.

lo mismo pense, al meno que mejoraran el goteo de oro