Italy's Mercenary Contractor

Italy’s Fortress Age Mercenary Contractor is the only one among European civilizations that allows training 2 AgeIV mercenaries. Why should I age up with a politician that gives me 0 benefits for the next Age? Italy’s AgeIII feels average/vanilla already, it should get one mercenary that could be useful with Lombards/taverns. Moreover, most of Italy’s special units and cards are unlocked in AgeIV, hence they would not see much play.
What do you think?


Completely agree. And I don’t think the rifleman is good enough to be an Age IV merc.


It should enable units that aren’t available in the barracks, let’s say a skirmisher since bersaglieri are age4 only, and maybe swiss pikes.

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I think the devs should consider replacing the Mounted Riflemen with the Harquebusier (also, the AgeIII M.C. should give some coin too in order to be more useful in Supremacy)
Historically, the first units of “Arquebusier à cheval” were indeed studied by an Italian, Niccolò Vitelli.
The Harquebusier would be trainable in AgeIII, would play a similar role as the Mounted Rifleman and would benefit from both Italy’s hand cav bonuses cards and “Carabinieri” technology, moreover, they would pair well with Papal Lancers’ Deflection ability, having low hit points.

I think the mounted rifleman is fine, layers would have to enable jeager to take out in third helping the guerrilla.

All mercenary politicians should ship some of the mercs at the aging.