It'd be awesome if we were able to ungarrison less than "all units"

For both buildings and transport ships, it’d be great to have a UI that better allows ungarrisoning specific units. If I have villagers and some archers in an outpost, for example, I’d really like to be able to ungarrison individual units, based on unit type and health percentage. Even if we can’t get a UI that shows individual unit health, being able to ungarrison one entire type of units with one click or a control+click or something would be really great. This is especially troublesome with transport ships. Say I’m unloading onto a wolf-infested island. It’d be great to be able to easily unload my military unit/s before my religious unit/s or villagers.


You can unload specific unit types by control clicking the unit and ungarrisoning, but you can’t do that with hp or just some of them.


Yes and another reminder about the ability to only ungarrison villagers from the north gate of the TC. I can understand that some things will be patched but how did this get implemented like that? I think it is similar on all buildings.

Also when you are being attacked by rams if you are the north spawn you can ungarrison escape/repair more safely but if on the south your villagers will ungarrison where the enemy units are most of the time…

Rushed release. Hopefully not too long before it’s patched. But doubt it