It's August. Isn't this the release month?

Seems to me I recall hearing that AOE:DE steam would be out in August. Any news on a release date yet?


There haven’t been any other news regarding the release date. It may be released at the end the month.


Depends how far they are in their internal build. The only official release date information we have is that it’s coming this fall. Fall starts on September 22nd and ends on December 21 at the latest. With how many bugs and problems have been confirmed to be fixed on the internal build, they’re definitely making fast progress, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for August.


We’re talking AOE:DE here, right? Not AOEII:DE.

I heard August for AOE:DE and ‘this fall’ for II.

How hard can it be to release a game that came out last October?


Yes, they announced the release of AoE: DE on Steam in August, so I guess it will be released later this month. There is a closed beta for Steam since July 30th - so work is in progress.

My personal prediction (nothing official!) is that AoE: DE will be released during Gamescom which is happening from 20th to 24th of August.

Hopefully they will still release this month. Me and my friends are waiting to get on Steam and play together.

But i will understand if it takes a bit more of time, i guess they need to make sure the cross-play with Windows Store is working flawless before releasing it. However, some new info about it would be appreciated.

It’ll probably be in October or something like that. I do expect something this month though - probably just a release date.

They cannot just release game on steam. AOE:DE on Microsoft store is UWP app which isn’t supported on steam so they need to make compatible version of the game

but they did confirm that it will be available on Steam this August.


Yeah well I remember the original AoE DE release date being ‘confirmed’.