It's disappointing. There is still no news from DLC on the roadmap in the second half of the year

Without such substantive game content as new campaigns and new civilizations, the loss of players will become more and more serious


really disappointing. Players know it’s boring now, so they leave.


they dont care that. only care about viwership for sponsor and donations (from players or vierwers) for tourneys events.

I’m beginning to suspect more and more that they are working on a console version first.

  • Alot of console comunity ask for it daily. And most of them aren’t willing to buy the Pc version.

And another wild speculation is that no new civs will arrive until after the Wololo tournament.

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I think it will probably be after Wololo, unless they plan on giving participants access to an old build of the game with a pre-new civ, putting in an entire new civ right before the tournament is jist asking for balance issues. Season two is drastically changing the way core game mechanics work mid-qualifiers/pre tourny…let alone adding a whole new civ.

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Yeah because why would the developers and Microsoft care about making a great game that they spent so long time and resources to make in the first place?

Seriously some comments on the forum are ridiculous, do you think that that’s how they work on this game with that mentality not caring? Just because they haven’t announced anything yet doesn’t mean that they don’t care.


I’ve a feeling that they want to official announce a new DLC with new civs at a live streaming event, also introduce new time limited events in the game for us to unlock special rewards in celebration to the new civs coming to this game rather than just writing on a road map.

I’d at least appreciate more if they did it that way instead of road map.


Yeah we need new civs asap after this next patch.

That roadmap just looks bloody awful from a casual gamer perspective.

the game will be structurally complete with the cooperative rankeds, and that will be from the third season

I honestly feel bad for the pros participating in the tourney because of this. Random significant map imbalance through poor generation is one thing, drastically changing core mechanics mid tournament after those pros spent 1K+ hours building knowledge and muscle memory. That’s brutal.

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Right? After this first year they should def try to do something like league of legends, where for big tournaments they lock in a patch and thats the only patch the tourny is played on

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they can not spent… oh wait… poor pro need to adapt.
bad…very bad game… pros can not learn one build order to win…

Yes, bring us another 10 broken civs, so we can still crying how bad this game is…

Game isnt even one year old. I would rather fix all bugs, add lacked QoL and proceed in balance (still there is something to do). We need some things ASAP, but for sure not new civs.

Dont rush anything, otherwise we can only get another â– â– â– â–  product.

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add the fact that 1 mod forum is banning the threads that are denouncing the features that the game lacks.

First of all I can understand it if you want a DLC, but…:
(1) The game still needs a lot of fixes and balancing tweaks. All these are of higher priority than one civ or two. And because you need to make a series of documentaries for every civ, the workload is significantly higher. It’s not like you’re copypasting exisiting units like in AOE2. And the game is very esport-oriented. If you add a new civ you mess up balancing. Starcraft 2 only has 3 factions and nobody has problems with it. And you will not play all civs anyway. And if playes are faced with 30 different civs they will suffer from decidophobia which hurts their game experience. So it’s actually good for you and you do not know.
(2) Many games do not get a DLC in one year, that’s a standard. There are games that get an DLC in one year of course but they are different games and you should not use them as the standard
(3) The definition of “disappointing” is different for different people. It’s okay if you dislike the fact that the game still does not have a DLC, but calling it “disappointing” is unfair.
(4) Losing players is natural for every game. In the meantime the game actually has 114514 players on gamepass and 1919810 viewers on twitch, so it is not a problem. And the next patch will bring the steam player count back to the number at release.

However, despite all these good reasons against it, they will still announce a DLC sooner or later, which is also a great thing. The best time to release a DLC is when they release a DLC.

Anything else I’ve missed?

I’m pretty sure that they have different teams working on making new civilizations & addressing balance changes and bug fixes so I can still see them do both at the same time.

Now that being said who knows when they feel ready to add more civilizations to the game, personally I feel they have to first make all the current civilizations and each landmark more interesting before adding new civilizations to the game.

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mm the same was told when mods update will fix the player number. it didn’t


A free DLC that fixes the terrible spectator mode of this game would be nice.