It's lacking a civ with big bonus against building for militia line


It could be really fun to have a civ with quite bad militia line who have a big bonus against building (a free bonus when reaching ages or a bonus you pay in castle).
The goal is to have a infantery unit who are like tarkan but more efficient big have less armor and slower.

Militia line are not much use in castle or imp, they are not great execpt when you have hudge bonus for them.
It’s the type of unit who have the biggest bonus (goth, burmese, japanese, teuton, vikings, astek, malian, malay, bulgarians)

If the unit is quite efficient, it could be the first civ with no trebuchet!

Did you play with Goths?

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yes, they have a small bonus against building. with goth you don’t build militia line in the purpose of destroyng building.

Actually all infantry (except spearman line) destroy builds easy, what u mean with biggest bonus?

In order to implement this into the game it has to be some sort of an Unique Tech, since Goths already have this bonus- and you can’t buff this further since they have Huskarl which would be too OP.
And by the time you tech into this bonus it’ll be pretty much meaningless, so yeah you’re partly right, but there’s nothing to do about it at this point.

You csn buff it further but you will need to reduce the bonus damage of the Huskarl itself

Also I think a cheap +6 vs buildings UT would be pretty good


I’m ok with give Goth’s Militia-Line more bonus against buildings, but bonus should be removed for huskarls… In fact Is how I think Gotsh should be

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That’s a solid idea, a little weird but can work, Huskarl has +2/+3 vs. Buildings, you can surely remove it and change the global amount of the civ bonus from +1/+2/+3 to +3/+4/+5.

Also I think a cheap +6 vs buildings UT would be pretty good

Yeah that’s what we’re missing pretty much, however it’s quite meh, since Garland Wars already gives +4 general damage, +6 wont change that much, it has to be much more. Perhaps +10, by the point you have a Castle and considering the fact we’re talking about Longswords, it’s kinda meh.
It’s mostly neeeded in the Feudal Age, where you can actually make a strategic use out of it, making 4 M@A followed by a Trush, you could actually bring down buildings nicely with a solid flat +6 Militia bonus damage to buildings.


Yeah could be interesting. But needs probably a bit more cause militia is already quite efficient. The biggest push it needs is probably against stone walls.

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Last time i played i destroyed a castle with hoardings with champions, i was Koreans, so no Blast Furnace. The castle melted easily. I think you’re underestimating the amount of dmg the militia line does to buildings. Of course i had around 40-50 champs, but still it was awesome to watch ( except for the enemy lol)

I think this thread isn’t about champs and late imp.
I think more it’s about having a tech that enables some mid-castle pushes with LS (and not so many LS, they shall be able to do some nasty damage to the opponent buildings).

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Yeah i read people talking about Goths and increasing the bonus dmg against buildings, but wouldn’t it be too hard to stop them? Their infantry is already cheap and fast to create. I think they could make Arson available for them but that’s all. 6+ against buildings like i read here is way too much.

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Ok I understood it’s supposed for a different civ. And then I think +6 is quite low if you consider you need to make a castle and research a tech early castle, cause the only thing you can aim for is some kind of surprise effect / short term powerspike against too boomy opponents.

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A bonus big enough to train militia line only for destroy building

Yes the goal it’s not making an infantery civ overkill like upgrading goth who are already very powerful.
My goal it’s to have a quite bad infantery civ with for example no Two-Handed Swordsman and champion or/and not plate mail armor and give them a big bonus against building.
It will be easy to make a death ball who destroy everything on their way and also very easy to stop them (basically all unit are better than them)

But I want to mention that Huns already have Tarkans, a unit designed basically for the same role and also with quite high stats all around.
It also has an explicit bonus against Stone defences, also against castles.
Yet we never see a tarkan rush.
So IF we want to add an infnatry UT for the same purpose, it needs to add a lot of anti-building damage (and again, especially against stone walls).

Sounds horrendously bad, as it would be very easy to kill such units before they can ever reach any building.

Tbh it does have its downside. It doesn’t have enough building bonus damage to completely make for the fact it has less base attack than knights and a super slow fire rate (2.1!). So maybe it’s closer to something like no blast burnace champion + whatever bonus damage is needed to make it better than Goth/Japanese champion against building and worth the no BF downside.


Having champions isnt that great either so why not let them have generic infantry?

Because Long Swordman suck so bad.

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longswords are good but only problem is they are active at the same time of the game with 2 of the most strongest units in the game : xbows and knights. That is why they cant shine.

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