It's my fault Romans aren't in ranked. Sorry

It seems I messed up

Also, how many Roman threads are there now?


Honestly I think if this is successful they may continue adding more civs like ghis one.

Probably because theres always been a part of the fanbase that didnt want more civs, because a lower number of civs is easier to handle by the playerbase, and because it meams less civs to balance


I think the reason they aren’t in ranked is because they’re still trying to balance the civ.

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Eh I have my doubts about that. Balancing AoE2 civs isnt rocket science

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I haven’t read the entire thread but I dont think it is a fair to blame yourself whatever decision the devs made. Or any of the thread advocating for an Incas buff for their current state.

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60 counting this one, great job, Thank you :blush:

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Still doesnt understand this decision, should be in MP unless they were very bad balanced.