It's Time to Nerf Tree HP

In AoE II, an unupgraded villager takes two chops to bring down a tree and the trees themselves have around 100 wood so wood shortage is not a real issue but in AoE I it is a big issue since an unupgraded villager takes four hits to bring down a tree and the trees only give forty wood so I think trees should be the focus for the next balance patch.


Deforestation also happens way too quickly in AoE1. They should actually make Wood gathering work like in AoE2, with Trees having more resources, and less HP.


Yes! I feel like trees aren’t good enough; take too much time to chop down and do not offer sufficient wood units.

If an elephant provides 300 food, then a tree, should give off at least 100 wood.


I feel the same, maybe not necessarily 100 wood, but still more wood per tree would certainly be appreciated. Not sure whether this is bad for multi though, as people may have an easier time walling with forests. For single player, it would certainly be a very good change.


It would be good for MP too.
The map runs out of Trees faster than it runs out of Gold and Stone, which is super weird in this series.
Trees lasting longer and giving more resources, would be better.
It is not like defenses are actually good in this game, anyway.

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Tree HP is fine, but trees should yield more at least 50 per tree as minimum.