It's time to talk about Persia again and suggestions for changing the wonders of Asia

The current official event is coming to an end, and I would like to take this opportunity to mention Persia again, as well as changes to the Wonder System that are beneficial for updating new Asian countries

The spectacle system currently used in Asian countries is still a suitable system for some larger, more comprehensive data preservation, and highly distinguishable wonders; But for countries that may emerge later, such as Korea or Southeast Asia, they may not necessarily apply this system, and the construction of wonders in the New World is also widely criticized

What I am thinking of here is the concept of landmark architecture used in Age of Empires IV, where most Asian countries will expand to build their local management institutions in new areas as substitutes for wonders

Here are some examples, such as the emergence of Chinese yamen as an institution for managing local taxation and administration. Most provinces require the construction of yamen as an institution, and its tax function can replace the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing in existing wonders; There is also a martial arts training ground, an ancient Chinese military training ground commonly established in ancient Chinese military towns and cities to train troops, which can replace the Summer Palace where flag soldiers are trained for free in games

Similarly, Japan can also obtain some similar alternatives, such as Samurai Encampment, which refers to some towns during the Warring States period where Japan focused on weapons production and provided local lords with a large amount of military equipment such as samurai swords, armor, and firearms. For example, at that time, the Shimadzu clan’s Azizhima region produced a large number of Japanese firearms for military equipment, which could replace the Kinkaku-ji in the game

For India, I have insufficient knowledge of the local administrative institutions during this period, but local lord buildings such as the tax inclusive system implemented by the Mughal Empire can also replace existing mouse temple buildings, and so on

At the same time, I would like to emphasize the importance of Persia again. It has been almost four years since the release of the decision version of Age of the Empire III. Asia is in great need of new countries to join, and Persia is the top priority under both old and new conditions. Its leader is Abbasid the Great, who is known as the Islamic Three Great, along with Suleiman of Ottoman and Akbar of Mughal, During this period, Persia was also associated with the powerful Ottoman Empire, The Central Asian countries in the northeast, the Mughal Empire in the east, the Hapsburg Dynasty in Europe, the Italian city states, Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and even the Czar Russia have all kinds of diplomacy and conflicts. The only two vacant map areas in Asia are also the Persian Khorasan Plateau and the Yangtze River the Pearl River basin in China. Asia needs to be updated once to fill this gap, and as a free version after opening up; More than a year after the Mediterranean Knight DLC, a remarkable new DLC



Also the more discussion on Persia, the better! It’s visible and obvious that a huge amount of people would be keen to see them in some form or another in AoEIII DE.


As a curiosity, Persia had very good diplomatic relations with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


It is not surprising here that Persia has relatively good diplomatic relations with Habsburg, Poland, and the Italian city-states. These countries have organized friendly alliances to suppress Ottoman expansion, similar to the anti French alliance of European countries against France; By the way, the emergence of Persia can lead to the emergence of Armenian Christians as religious forces on the map of Asia. Armenian Christians were under Ottoman and Persian rule for a long time, and also contributed troops, wealth, and technology to both countries. The Janissary of the Ottomans had a large number of Armenians; And the Armenian settlement in Isfahan, Persia, brought various technologies represented by printing presses to Persia.


You know the next one is right on there ?

Welcome, as a player who has been playing for 3000 hours, I sincerely hope that Persia can arrive in Age of Empires III as soon as possible. In the several player exchange groups I am in, everyone is looking forward to Persia joining and is ready to pay money for it. I believe that joining Persia in this forum will also be a consensus among most players


At this point I feel like it’d be better if you just wrote your posts in chinese and let the forum’s built in translator do its job because a lot of those sentences read really strange.

Like are you arguing that Korea or Southeast Asia doesn’t have suitable buildings to be featured as wonders ingame? That’s a laughable notion in and on itself.

Also choosing Abbasid the Great instead of Nader Shah is a rather odd inclusion translation error or not.


The core of this point is not whether they have suitable wonders, but another point mentioned by others, which is to build a new continent that is not related to them. It looks strange to see a spectacle that is not here

Changing to building landmark buildings for Asian ethnic groups can solve the problem of “building wonders in Asia in the new continent.” After Asian countries expand into new regions, new administrative institutions and military facilities will be built locally to manage people and taxes. The more local administrative buildings, the more they can be explained as the expansion of towns.

As for the reason for choosing Abbas over Nadir Shah, I have already mentioned that Abbas himself is revered as the Three Great Emperors of Islam, and Suleiman, who also holds this title, Akbar has already appeared in the game, so there is no reason not to choose him

I think “Wonder” system has many problems as they are right now in-game. The most obvious is the fact if destroyed cant be build back.Many people, me included (of course) dont like much that system. Although those wonders are visually nice.

What I “wish” to see?, Id like such wonders were integrated into cards and/or buildings. All asians lack a “Fort” card/building, although Indians have thier Fort wonder and Japanese have the Shogunate building that doesnt attack.

But what about Aging up?, well I think USA-Mexico/African age up offers far more in terms of gameplay and that could/should be implemented to the rest (I wish). As USA/Mexico take states and African takes regions/cultures representing a “whole” nation formed by different groups.

Note: I dont know much about China/India, so will focus on Japan.

Japan was ruled by Daimyos belonging to x clan that ruled x region. So there could be a lot of Clans and each bring an unique style based on their region, for those that have played Shogun 2 TW the easiest thing would be saying for example:

  • Chosokabe: Focus Bowman
  • Takeda: Focus Horse
  • Hojo: Focus Buildings
  • Oda: Focus Ashigaru
  • Date: Focus Strategy
  • Shimazu: Focus Samurais
  • Otomo: Focus Religion (Christianity)
  • Ikko-Ikki: Focus Monks
  • Tokugawa: Focus Land
  • Toyotomi: Focus Villagers

The list is obviously shallow, just to give a vague idea, could contain 2 cards + 1 daimyo card (instead of being part of the normal deck). Also some clans in that list may have lost relebance by the time of the game.

I have to mention forcedly, the Meiji “Revolution” that is suppoused to be an alterantive “cheap” way to age up, that is “tricky” due the fact that blocks us from getting a wonder and give us lil to nothing. And the card of the Ronin that is a bad joke.

That said the building like aoe 4 could be an interesting alternative as long as we can build it back if destroyed.

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Yes, I have already mentioned the issue of Meiji Restoration technology in another post. As an important event that has influenced Japanese history, it is weak and useless in the game, and the price of 4000 exported goods is hardly cheap. I have always believed that Japan’s Meiji Restoration technology should serve as a unique, Mayan/Napoleon like revolution, transforming the Warring States style Japanese troops in the game into the Restoration army of the Saigo Takamori era


Yeah we think alike (hope/wish alike xD), I hope eventually it comes to that. I have sayed it several times in several forums, Aoe 3 DE devs are silently reading and are giving us more content than any of the other ages.

Pd: Forgot to mention but ex for Europeans could use the system for example Germans having Bavaria, Austria, Prussia, Hungary, Saxony, Czech, etc.

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It’s time to talk about Persia again, again!

With the ‘leaked’ AoE2 DLC emerging with news of not just new civs, but adjustments (and new units?) to Persia, I guess it’s time to show the Devs how much we want to see the missing ‘Gunpowder Empire’ in its totally fitting Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition time-frame!

So… first things first - the flag.

Persia needs to be the OG Lion+Sun green flag.

With this, we would really need to give the Indian civ another flag to avoid a clash of very similar looking designs… Historically their flag was very close to this flag, due to dispensing of their Turko-Mongol heritage to get a little Persianized lineage (all linked with shared roots of ol’ Timur).

This variation would be a better compromise for the Indians, however I guess it needs to be rectangular rather than their traditional Alams (which is a shame - I’d much rather a more appropriate, non-western one!). There were a couple of rectangular ones, however there’s not many sources on them. Some Mughal flags had red in them (as either a border or as the main colour), a few were white (more rare), som had the sun, some the lion and many had both - I’m sure there is something we can use.


I prefer early Qajar flag (Red one)


These varients are also cool :
Qajar :

Afsharid :


Ah, yes, the Qajar Dynasty one would be a great fit!

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Personally I’m more partial to late Qajar, although I wouldn’t mind late Safavid either.