Ivalyo 4, Tatars player is Turks

I’m not sure if I should report it as a bug, but the “Tatars” (that’s their name in game) in Ivalyo scenario 4 are represented by the Turks civ, this makes no sense since they are supposed to be mercenaries from the golden horde, why would they be represented by the Turks? every other scenario they are represented by the Tatars civ, they even have Keshiks in their base…

I’m not sure it’s a bug tbh but in game Tatars speak Turkish. There isn’t very much difference between Tatars and nomadic Turks in history.

Probably so the player would fight other civs, instead of the same 3 all the time.


But they don’t even have an eco or create units, they just have cav archers and Keshiks (which are the TATAR unique unit)

It was most likely so that they could have the Turkish building set on one player. I don’t think it was accidental.