Ivaylo Campaign | Hard Playthrough

I really love the design of the Ivaylo campaign, here’s my playthrough of mission 1! It’s a pretty easy scenario, although I was a little confused at the start because the missions keep sending you back and forth between the Bolyars, Tatars and the Tsar :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mission 2 - “An Unlikely Alliance”! I love King of the Hill style matches and this adaption to it was really fun.

“Tsar of the Bulgars” - mission 3 is now live! I found it really difficult at first but it was quite fun :smile:

Mission 4 is now up! It certainly puts you in an unusual situation but I really dig it. I think by exploring both ends of the map at once it made the playthrough so much easier :smile:

Here’s the final mission! It really felt like there should’ve been two scenarios instead of one imo, but it was fun regardless :smiley: