Jadwiga, Jan Zizka or Algirdas & Kestutis Campaign

Greetings, Kings, with DotD released and his campaigns done, What do you comunity campaign prefer? My top:

1: Jadwiga: Liked the history and escenarios are good. dissapointed about 5th scenary…
2: Jan Zizka: A good campaign, with a lot of good mechanics, a good trama for a good civilization. Very well constructed. Dissapointed of 3rd scenario.
3. Algirdas & Kestutis: Ultra Underwhelming. A campaign with a lot of potential ruined by 1th, 5th and 3rd scenarios. A beatiful terrene, but a boring story. Teutonic Order has no power in this campaign and tatars was in only 1 scenario. my least favorite campaign after RotR (Don’t include Le loi) campaigns.