Janissaries didn't adopt firearms until the 1440s and their castle age variant shouldn't have firearms

Janissaries are absolutely oppressive right now, especially if you get them in feudal via Vizier points.

They are an insult to China’s gunpowder identity and clearly them being available in castle was a move made before the Ottomans were even released to appease smooth brained age 2 fans.

Fix this. Make them have a non gunpowder version and a gunpowder version like Musofadi warriors. The Gunpowder version should be locked behind Imperial Age.

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I’m an AoE 2 fan, and I think Janissaries should have done been done differently.
Why do you feel the need to attack AoE 2 players?

I don’t think 1440 is far from the Castle Age for the game. The age advancement of all Civs is not always uniform, especially with Civs that started from the Late Middle Ages (1300-1500), such as the Mongols (1206-1500), Mali (1235-1670) and Ottomans (1299-1566):

  • Although its first two landmarks refer to the Selyuk and Rum Sultanate period(900-1299), the Ottomans have the Topkapi Palace and Mehmed’s Armory in the 3rd Age, which was built after the fall of Constantinople (1452), so in theory they should already be able to have janissaries with firearms.

On the other hand, in the case of the Ottomans, being an army that based much of its potential on gunpowder units, not having a gunpowder unit in the Castle Age would not suit them (They got the Great Bombard and Ribauldequin just in Imperial Age), so I guess that’s why they have janissaries in the Castle Age.

Regarding the Janissary archer as a “Unique Unit”, I have some theories of the unit:

Discarded Idea?.- It’s just a guess, but what if the devs wanted to give bows to the Janissary? For this reason, the “Trench-gun” technology would change their bow to a musket, but for some unknown reason, perhaps due to stat balance (it would be a bow unit with blacksmithing advantages that would lose them when switching to using a cannon), or not. make the model of the bow unit in time, they considered that it always had a firearm. And it is a rare case, because most units with some unique Weapon or armor technology (Honed blades, Odachi), receive some aesthetic change, but this does not happen in the Janissaries.

Archers from Military Schools?: The other possibility that I see has to do with the Ottoman Military Schools, in reality it seems that they represent the Acemi Ocağı (“Training Camps”) system to recruit prisoners of war as Ottoman soldiers and the “Devşirme” system, where children from Christian families in Ottoman vassal states were recruited to become guard soldiers, including janissaries. If so, the Ottoman archers created in the schools would actually be Janissary archers. The only thing missing would be that they give some special ability to the military school units to make them stronger than their counterparts.

There is still a lot that can be added in general to the Ottomans, but hey, there are other topics to relate specifically to that. Just summarizing:

  • Kapikulu Sipahi → Cab. heavy, they could replace the Ottoman Lancer, with some extra abilities or stats.
  • Akinci → Horseback archer, with some bonus anti-villager or anti-building skills.
  • Azab → It could replace the spearman, or the base archer, it was irregular light infantry.
  • Deli → Cab. light, although I don’t know how to add it. Extra unit from Toktapi Palace?

They could also have Toktapi Palace add a skill to allow regiments to be built with extra units, such as the Azab, Deli, Akinci, like in other 4th age palaces (Wynguard Palace - English, Sultan Palace - Delhi). If it’s a very strong skill, they could make the Toktapi Palace change ages with the Sea Gate Castle, so you could build the fort in the Castle Age with the trade bonus.

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