Jannisary advice

Hi everyone.
I don’t want to do the usual post where people complain about something, but I would like to ask more experienced players for advice (I’m Elo’s 1150, so I’m likely to miss various game mechanics).
How should you use Janissaries to make them shine? I’ve always known that they should be one of the best UUs in the game, but they don’t seem to me to have any features that make them particularly effective (except the +1 of range in castle with poor precision and no ballistics). I understand that the comparison does not hold up but compared to the conquistadors their stat / cost are much worse, so what am i missing?
Thank you in advance :smiley:

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They have the aforementioned extra Range, and a lot of Damage. 5 jans can on-shot a Mangonel, for example.

The way you use Janissaries, is by constantly kiting your enemy with your greater range, into Mangonel fire.
Jans are used with Mangos in the Castle Age.


Besides accuracy and cost, all their stats are better than those of the hand cannoneer. The elite version has no more a range advantage over siege and archers but instead it has 22 attack which is as much as a Lith pala but without the need for relics and attack upgrades. It means that if a bullet miss it will still deal 11 damage, while for instance an arb will deal 10 dmg. It also has a 0 frame delay which makes them better at micro.

I’ve found this video as an example, I will try to find more.


What makes them so strong in castle age is that there is no panic counter against them. Mangonels don’t work well vs jannis. Archers/skirmishers work pretty well but only when they are in good numbers. This means oftentimes the smartest way to use them is with early pressure. Don’t let your opponent get to archer masses or the like. Also they are rather slow so you want to lock down certain parts of the map. Thus, pressuring forward resources with jannis + mangos is a decent strategy. And since you need a castle either way, try to get it in a spot that back ups your aggression.