Japan flaming arrow and units

Japan flaming arrow There are a lot of them in wartime,is both a cannon and a culverin,they don’t have to pack up.
It’s very flexible,Under the protection of powerful and highly mobile Japanese troops, cavalry can’t threaten them. So that they can output safely in the back. Players have to use more ways to deal with them.
It’s a headache. It’s a versatile unit.

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Do they have less range than culverins?

I believe culverin have 34 range and flaming arrows have 28 range until Imperial where they can get 30 range.

From a friend, more comprehensive than me, is also my view
" they have too much power and flexibility. They are cheap and it’s easy to make a bunch, mobile since they don’t have to pack up, they have very good damage when massed, and on top of all of that, each one acts as a culverin. If we think about just a single flaming arrow, then yes, they have low damage. But most of the time they are in a group of 5-10, giving them the ability to micro very well against most civ’s artillery. Just a slight range advantage renders enemy falconets useless, while also granting massive damage against infantry."
“a single flaming arrow is worse at killing cannons when compared to culvs. Their base range is 28 vs culv 34, and there’s no multiplier for FA. However, more often than not, flaming arrows outnumber culvs. and falconets 3:1, mainly from the lower cost and the (2x) 4 flaming arrows shipment. In AOE 3, the victor is mainly decided by who can kill the other guy’s cannons first, and flaming arrows excel at that, purely based on the fact that they have more range and are more numerous than falconets. Flaming arrows don’t need to be better than culvs. to outmatch falconets, which they do by a lot.
You mention that flaming arrows are nowhere near as strong as other Japanese units, but in my experience the main combination of units usually includes Ashi/flaming arrow mix in nearly every game. Never been in a game where Japanese didn’t abuse flaming arrows.
I’m really just asking for a range reduction to 26 so they don’t make enemy cannons completely irrelevant. They will still have great units like the Ashigaru and Naginata, and be able to counter any artillery with Yabusame, but the anti-infantry/anti-artillery duality that FAs have is currently broken.”

Flaming arrows are a good unit, but not an overpowered one, if japan overall was a balanced civ then them having an above average unit like the flaming arrows would not be an issue, it’s a fun unit and I like the design of it, but the fact that all of the Japanese units are above average is what is the problem.

It’s fine, it’s better against other artillery than a falconet but worse against infantry. 2 culverins will deal with a mass of flaming arrows, the culvs 1 shot them I believe and significantly out range them.