Japan livestock issue

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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After latest African civ update, Japan can’t have more than 30 livestock on their shrines, it was not mentioned on update. Only 30 livestock getting converted. More than that don’t change.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Earlier Japan can cave as many livestock they want from their teammates but now only 30 GE Japan can have
  2. This issue started after the dou tu Africa update recently

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Japan need 88 livestock animals on shrine to get max resource output but now Japan can have only 30 livestock. Teammates can send more than 30 livestock but only 30 getting converted. So Japan shrines are not working as they suppose to be with more livestock to produce optimum resources

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I think this was a global change to prevent exploits with livestock and team mates with the affrican civilizations, so now players cannot have more than 30 animals converted at a time. I don’t think Japan was targeted specifically.

I personally never liked the whole livestock feed in team games for Japan. If Japan needs help late game, it’s best to have them buffed in some way rather than relay on gimicks.


I am not sure how Africa could get advantage because of that as I am not aware how the new civ work. But this will have severe impact for a civ like japan because 20 shrines are like 20 villagers for Japan and it will let down the Japanese eco even more. You are right. Either Japan should have another way con compensation or they should find a different way to fix it.

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The new civs use livestock to generate influence, like indians generate xp, and they can also be traded for gold and wood. My guess is that if team mates feed livestock at infinity into the new african civs, then they just generate too much influence and can buy all those expensive goodies units and upgrades, that would make them broken, so they instated a limit. Truth to be told, the japan use case is pretty niche anyway, so they probably didn’t think of it.

I’d say this is too much of a treaty Japan nerf to simply go unmentioned.