Japan need nerf, Sweden need buff

Before you look at the following questions, please ask yourself, are you really playing these two civilizations? Or are you just playing other civilizations but can’t beat them.

Let me talk about my opinion. When I play in Japan, I always win the enemy easily, because they only need to let the monk go out to build the house, and the minimum cost is only 75 pieces of wood, and it is difficult for you to dismantle all of them. Villagers seldom stand idle, and their troops are very strong. In the later period, you can make Daimyo and golden pavilion , lock country, and use card ,make the mutiny super strong. As long as Japan defends the fast break in the early stage, it will definitely win in the later stage.

But this was not the case when I played Sweden. You have to send villagers to build a house, and it is easy to be demolished, because you usually build it next to a gold mine, and the cost is 135 wood, which is a very expensive resource in Times 2. Your benefits can only be compared with Japanese shrines after you have played two cards, and you only have 5 villages at the beginning, and there are no good options for upgrading. So in the early stage, Sweden can be said to be very weak and easy to be attacked fast. In the later stages, many countries cannot win because of the poor quality of the arms.

Therefore, I suggest that the government must weaken Japan. Monks cannot build houses and throw smoke bombs. The cost of shrines cannot be reduced, but should be increased to 135 wood. The quality of the troops should be reduced, and the musket running speed is reduced to 4, because it can be greatly strengthened after him. Then Sweden changed back to the previous version. The 4 Farmhouse Card and 8 Crossbowmen were moved back to Times 2, and the upper limit for wood harvesting was the same as 7. In addition, the cost of the Fusilier was reduced to 200 gold, because the highland soldier was only 200 gold.


A friendly suggestion: you may check websites like Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom if you do not know the official English name of some units, instead of using some machine translator.
E.g. I know what you mean by “lock country” but there is already a word for it: isolation.

I think the smoke bomb ability should only be used by one monk at a time, and have a longer cooldown, so you at least have a chance of catching one monk…
I think the ashi should be reduced by 0.25 because they have the golden pavilion which can boost it’s speed back up. Even with reducing their speed to 4.25 from 4.5 they’ll be faster than skirmishers and regular musketeers.
As for Swedes they didn’t need 8 xbow AND 2 leather cannons, and I think the Dominions could’ve been nerfed instead of moving it to Fortress Age.


Sweden nerf was ok, let’s see how it will play out.

Ironically i think Japan came out of the crate shuffle a bit stronger. Also the late game livestock pen sure is something that wasn’t called for. In fact, in team games the whole livestock feeding is broken and should be nerfed.

Sweden needs those 8 crossbowmen and cannons, because their soldiers are more expensive but weaker, so it is difficult to deal with the fast attack, and then Dominions should not be moved to era 3, you can adjust the amount of his blood to 20 %, because this card can help Sweden get a little advantage in the early period, without him, Sweden will become very weak. In addition, the house now costs 135 wood, which is really expensive. So I said that you have to play Sweden by yourself so that you can understand that Sweden is a very weak country.

You can try Sweden by yourself first, you will find that he is very weak。

All of this is false. I dont know what’s your level but this is just False.

Sweden was broken in the past and it is still very very top tier. True Dominions came to age III, but sweden still has a heck of a stong FF (and the torps still are excelent and can be boosted with the 50% health);
Sweden only needs crossbows to have a cheap counter vs goons until it can mass Jaegers, because their caroleans which are the best musketeer in the game, can hold other musks and the hussars can take care - EZ - of anyskirms or longbows.
They can still make infantry guns and mortars that are OP vs masses of units.

Lets see their current status in weeks, but my prediction is - from what i’ve seen - is that instead of colonial fighting they FF and then they bring infantry guns and/or MASS of Falconets with Caroleans and Still manage to get away with it.


Generally, 8 crossbowmen can be unlocked after 7 crossbowmen are unlocked.
Seven in Sweden is enough, no need to delete the card.
As for the leather cannon, it can cost 400 food (similar to China) or delete it (similar to Ottoman with unique artillery but no age2 card)

Sweden doesn’t need buff, but Japan does need nerf.


Just not true, yes Japan is stell more op that most other civs, but Sweden is also still too op.

The torps have so many more benefits than the shrines. First of all they collect from more and more diverse resource set. Second to that they can be selected as a drop off point. Next to that the Swedish units are just too op. The caroleans only weakness is either massed arty which not every civ cant mass easily (some literaly cant, like natives) or skirmisher types, which with the leather cannon (which is just food and wood) or other artillery for the swedes will get demolished. And other civs can do jack of all ■■■■ against a spam of caroleons and arty seeing cav will get mowed down. Then you have the hackapell which is also a bs unit.

This all didnt even mention their fussilier and other mercenary possibilities to train at every military building effectivally giving them extra units.

The Torps only got a 10 wood cost increase which torp will get back in seconds.


Did everyone forget when Dominions card wasn’t in meta, and still sweden was crazy strong? Moving the card has only slightly lowered the power of sweden.
Also, try to make xbows, lc or hussars. You can’t just make only caroleans, then lose and say swede needs buff.


Japan is fine as it is now. Meanwhile Sweden’s Svea card is broken and needs to be nerfed.

Japan is OP af.
I think a great fix would be to take away the monk’s ability to build shrines.

My ideal balance changes to Japan would be to increase their villager limit while decreasing shrine trickle, get rid of their access to the advanced arsenal from the golden pavilion (which I’d ridiculously good in of itself), and drop ashigaru speed to 4.0 or something.

Yes. People adapted to the extra gold start and as I predicted, it is now stronger than before.

I don’t think shrines need a nerf. Remember they can’t hunt. What thet could do is nerf the gather bonus livestock gives to shrines, now that japan has access to livestock pen.

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They don’t need hunt with shrines is too good, their vils won’t get raid, they take much less control for stupid high frequency herd moving. Vils moving and shooting for herd are 0 gathering for food.

They get safe 2 heroes build shrines, can select what resource they want, provide sight around the map, occupy opponent’s herding, become cheaper than a normal house and buff tickle rate with only age1 card, build shrines faster than opponent destroy, they can greedy boom begin from age1.

They are enjoying the safest protection for eco, and they still have better eco? What is this logic, and how come this is fine and not a problem.


Shrines is about map controll, if you dont want to have Japan so much extra resources you claim it to be just dont let them have the other hunts.

Settlers can also be easily guarded with one outpost placed next to hunts of which an outpost is cheaper then the shrines needed for all hunts. Besides the total amount a shrine gathers when fully occupied is less then a vill with all upgrades. Their shrines barely make up for the 24 less villagers.

Japan is actually not that good of a civ. Arty is really their weakness, although thats unfair for native civs, natives have their own good counters with mainly anti heavy infantry being very good against Japan.

Torps are still stronger and before Swedes get nerfed Japan really doesnt need a nerf, which it doesnt even with nerfing torps.

First question, which civ doesn’t need map control? I don’t know why Japan needs map control can be an excuse for shrines not insane OP? Sounds other civs don’t need to hunt or mine, or they don’t need map control? This also sounds like Japan needs food to train vils so I don’t think they are OP.

Raiding 10 vils at herd zone or gold mine is totally different from sieging a shrine. Raiding vils is much faster than sieging a shrine and opponent need much more time to recover their eco.

And you can not take a broken OP civ and say omg they are more OP so I am not OP. Why don’t you compare with China?

Japan is enjoying the most enhancement for military, Daimyo with moving barrack and shipment everywhere, the safest and almost strongest eco, and this is actually not that good civ from your opinion. Their weakness is artillery and this is hard to mass, so you are meaning they will be fine only and even can’t mention as OP after removing the only remaining weakness from them?
Among 16 civs Japan has 2 top bonus and 1 insane point, this is still not good only.

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You are limited to 7 Outposts, they take a long time to build, cost 250 wood, only lightly tickle raiding units unless you spend an addtional 400 Wood to upgrade, and cannot block units from killing your Villagers; not to mention that Vills inside the Outpost are not generating resources, while Shrines are.

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The current problem with Japan is IMO the livestock pen in Industrial age. Giving it to them was an extremely bad idea, and Japan is already very powerful when fed livestock by an ally. They should have nerfed this instead of making it baseline.

As for map control & hunts, there isn’t much to be told here. Most maps don’t have 86 hunts for japan to fully cap their shrines. The live stock pen simply counters that deficiency.
Also, not all hunts and animals provide the same bonuses.

Shrines provide at most 20 villagers worth of income. Makes up for hunts and lack of factories and lower villager cap.

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