Japanese cards don't work lv III & lv IV

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Level III Fortress Age can’t get the 2 reckshow Castles and one Dojo, Age Iv Industrial Age can’t hire 15 Samurais, I think this game has a lot of bugs My God I never seen so many it’s a buged game lol.

Hi Eddypenny6044,

Could you please elaborate/provide some images or a recording of this issue?

Haven’t played any Bethesda games then?

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No I have not, AOE3 is to one sided some of the thing work good and some don’t like for instant I find the card’s I use don’t work when I play the game it give’s the same cards all the time if I change them or not, why have cards’ if they don’t work.

Hi vivi.
There is nothimg to elaborate on it’s simple the card’s I play don’t work in the game it give me the same all the time for example, III Fortress Age the card, 2 castle Rickshow’s and 1 Genburan Dojo don’t show up in the game and yet if I play against Japanese opponent he get’s the Dojo. IV Industrial Age hireing Ronin Samurai army, don’t show up in the game and there is many more. I meen realy why have card’s if they don’t work.

… are you not saving your decks


Hi densil:
Yes I save all my deck and I made new once too. Perhaps I have to download a file or reinstall it I don’t kow. I give up it just playes the same old deck all the time.


I think you are new to the game and maybe you don’t understand how decks work. You should also explain better so that we can help you.

Try deleting all decks but the one you want to use

Hi Niko
LOL I din’t think about that thanks I will try it.