Japanese -- Daimyo Free Villager Does Not Receive Upgrades


The free villager the Japanese receives from the Daimyo Manor/Daimyo Palace/Shogunate Castle TC upgrades does not receive the benefits of the Towara/Takezaiku/Fudasashi upgrades (carry capacity, movement speed, berry gather rate) if the upgrades are researched BEFORE the free villager spawns. Upgrades apply normally if they are researched AFTER the free villager spawns.


Can confirm. They also do not get Textiles upgrade.
I would assume that they also miss upgrades like Doubebroadaxe or Specialized Pick.

Edit: After it being requested on Reddit, I made a video proof. Maybe it helps here as well? (https://youtu.be/NJTafPS5m3U)

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Confirmed. On the point that the upgrades apply normally AFTER the villager spawns, I did some additional testing:

Any free villager is always spawned without any upgrade active. When you research ANY level of Towara/Takezaiku/Fudasashi, those villagers will get the very first upgrade level. So even when I research Fudasashi, a villager spawned from a Daimyo upgrade will get the Towara upgrade and nothing else.

I tested a little bit with Double Broadaxe and Survival Techniques and I don’t think those upgrades are affected. Gathering speed seemed the same for free villagers.