Japanese has Traction Trebuchet and French Cannon?

And what is the thing firing in the upper right corner?
The use of Traction Trebuchet by East Asian countries, including China and Japan, is quite consistent with historical facts. I remember in the earliest Chinese promotional videos, Traction Trebuchet was also used.

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Don’t read too much into it. Malians also had traction trebuchets in their promotional video and ended up just getting regular trebuchets.


Ottomans had cavalry archer in trailer


Myabe they are mercs for japan

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If the Japanese have Traction Trebuchets, then they would be Historically Correct, which would be nice.

In fact, I’m already pretty glad that the Japanese civ don’t have crossbows, since they never developed them, and that they found a unit replacement for anti-armor damage.

Regarding the cannon, in my model (Japan Civilization Concept for AoEIV_ by GoldenArmorX) I commented that the japanese could have several cannon models , mainly because of the way in which they obtained them: Buying them from the Portuguese and Dutch, or producing their own smaller ones.

Probably the Cannon is a Dutch or Spanish cannon… or as some said, it is pure Eyecandy and they went too far when making the trailer.

At least in my model you could buy “cannons” from Spain and bombards from Holland at the Nanban Market, an unique building to represent the purchase of foreign technology at the Sengoku Era. Who knows if they would incorporate a similar idea as a mechanic in Imperial Age, otherwise it got out of hand.

The very fact that the Byzantines have the ability to purchase mercenaries gives rise to many curious new units unique to the original civilizations. And we still don’t have the technology tree of any of the new Civs.

They used the wrong Cannon in trailers in the past already.
But that was before release so maybe the French Cannon used to be a generic unit at that point.

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Japanese cannons are different from French cannons. French cannons do not have this obvious bottom.
The Japanese cannon I think is based on the historical 大筒(Oodzutsu)



Figure 3 is like an enlarged arquebus

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大筒 is literally a big gun