Japanese horse archer


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Ooooh it looks like it!




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Yes, historically ottomans didnt get horse archers but japans get. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is unforgivable!
I also want heavy horse archers too.
AOE4 really lacks unit types and creativity.

I really don’t know about heavy horse archers. What should counter them? Only xbows and hc? Knights as soft counter? I mean for me horsearcher like rus have are ok for ottoman, but for real, do u see horsearcher often? They are kinda useless. So add them to ottoman only because they should have them but never use them?

For me horsearcher are difficult to balance. They can easily be op or up.

What just needs to happen with the Horse Archer is that it can be giving certain buffs while costing food and gold instead of food and wood. Also, Sipahi needs to be given the ranged ability!


Not really difficult to balance.
It can be countered by mangonels, horsemen, handcannon, and archers.
They just need to make horse archers and camel archers cost gold.
That way archers will trade better against horse archers, the same goes for horsemen, etc.
Horse archers need to counter melee infantry hard.
Costing wood makes the Rus archer extremely OP because, with a wooden fortress, they get a 20% bonus wood.

OP? Well I didn’t saw horsearchers for ages. Maybe it was op in a half season.

Horseman are a counter to them? I don’t know. u can kite them and with high base dmg they would kill horseman easy.

But u are also talking about heavy horsearcher. So archers won’t deal much dmg and horseman wont kill them too.

Its like to balance mangudai. They suck in 1v1 in most situations ### ### ###### in imp teamgames.

Sure horsearchers can’t shoot while moving but have more base dmg and they are faster.

If u add knights to horsearcher, they take out horseman and archers and both units are fast. Also they kite spears easy and kill the knight counter.

So tell me how ottoman horsearcher should be compared to rus?

Since AOE4 is a macro game, kiting with horse archers will only worsen the economy.
Micro gameplay is not rewarded enough.
So it is better to spam units instead of micro.

Well, range, attack, attack speed, HP, armor, movement speed, etc could be different.

Well ye makro. U are the guy who run with knights into spear, lose and say spears op I guess. I tried to discuss but I think u are just trolling.

What just needs to happen eventually is that the Sipahi is given the ranged ability and perhaps, it can be capable of swtiching between melee mode and ranged mode.

Yes, the world is guided by public opinion. Discharge of “nuclear contaminated water” in the sea, note that it is not “nuclear waste water”, surprisingly not many people blame! How ironic! There are too many self-righteous people! How ridiculous!

Controlling knights is a completely different story compared to horse archers.
I think you are the real troll here…
You don’t have any proof, so you just throw something…

or just make Mangudai great again. tbh. Every civ with a cavalry-archer outperforms the civ that had the most renowned cavalry archer in the world.

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Indeed, at least AOE2’s Mangudai is super good and they feel great to have it.
In AOEIV it is just a horse archer that can shoot while moving but cannot deal any damage and takes too much casualty in return…

I really don’t like how Keshik and Mangudai are made
These units are the worst units of its kind.
Lancer is better than Keshik
Horse archer is better than Mangudai…