Japanese monks soooo ooooppppp

each monk can deal 1500 damage to buildings each one each 60 secs
they can reduce 7% the attack of enemy units each one on a 24 radious zone
they can dodge enemy attacks
they can teleport to the town center to prevent being killed (i dont know if while being attacked)
they have a 25% chance of killing units that have low hp 70-215 depending on age.
They can heal japanese units, and monks heal each other

After using japanese i foudn they ae the civ most op, and the unbalance of the game is really huge.

but what can a european hero do? just kill a unit with one shoot and build a fort, or spy a zone of the map. OMG this is ridiculous, japanese can see all map with a wonder.

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Some guys will rush out and say they don’t think so, and they love this civ. They should have some special bonus and have to be different from others.
That’s your problem.

  • Not only me, many guys complaint a lot with many topics. Devs think this is balance.
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Just make a couple of spies.
They kill the monks with two punches, its hilarious!!

yep, spiesare not going to be killed by other units. I dont need to build a special unit to kill a explorer of other civ. ITs ridiculous. Since i used japan and notice that they are super mega OP, i only play japan

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Absolutely agree.
Now I also only use Japan and Sweden in team game.
Others are just for fun.

I agree, the only thing I can contribute to your discussion, is this rec, I caught the monks but they simply escaped and continued to build sanctuaries, thank goodness the Japanese did not know how to create, but the archaic had no possibilities.


PD: Plis, allow to upload recs from the forum 212121

They definitely should get ride of the divine strike randomness. Randoms events are such bad mechanics in RTS.

other two asian monk also have random skills, ya that’s a bad design