Japanese Voice Pack from Original Japanese TAD release

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I don’t understand why they released the definitive version with this kind of voice, when the original had the correct Japanese voice applied.

If it is for budget reasons, does it mean that they don’t care about a voice in a language they don’t know?

Or did they think that people would not notice the discomfort of the Japanese voice?

The Definitive Edition uses the same voices as the original.

These voices are from the Japanese dub of the game.

those “correct japanese voice” are made by japan publisher, microsoft may not has the right to use

I understand that this voice cannot be used due to rights issues, but as long as the voice is re-recorded in some civilizations, I frankly hope that the discomfort of the original Japanese voice will be rectified.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say more as it is a departure from the content of this forum.

The Age series was published in Japan by Microsoft.

The problem is most likely lack of awareness and communication: the people working on the DE were not aware that the Japanese voices are a problem, and not aware that Microsoft Japan had re-recorded them (in addition to other localization touches that make The Asian Dynasties more acceptable to a Japanese audience, like Japanese chapter title images).