Jeanne d'Arc burnt alive at age of 19

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I’ve seen some of the criticisms of the new civ variants and while I can understand people not being happy with the names/ideas I haven’t really cared too much.

Today I was playing the Hundred Years War campaign and starting the Retake Normandy mission and I learnt that Jeanne was burnt alive at the age of 19. I learnt this from aoe4 itself, but It made me laugh, cause I heard somewhere she’s going to end up on a horse with a gun. I like that I learn things from aoe in general, and while it’s still a game aoe4 especially has a lot of history (videos + page from history etc).

Anyway made me laugh, have a good day and enjoy the ‘civilisation’.


Don’t worry, the devs already know (emphasis in bold) :slight_smile:

We start with historical inspiration from some element in the history of the classic civilization and then build gameplay from that theme. These elements can be a single individual (like Jeanne d’Arc), a philosophy (like the neo-Confucianism of Zhu Xi), or a particular historical group within the broader culture (like the Order of the Dragon). Although these seeds are often small moments, we explore the ‘what if’ of keeping that focus throughout the journey through the four Ages. Historically, Jeanne d’Arc lived at what would be the early part of the Imperial Age (just as France was adopting firearms at large scale), but we feature her across all four Ages in the variant that bears her name.



The biggest problem is that Jeanne d’Arc never actually fought or killed a man. She claimed that during her trial, no evidence showed she killed anyone either. She commands her soldier to fire a cannon makes sense but definitely not using one herself. (And I’m sure the devs know that)

I know it is ‘what if’, but it is not even interesting - what’s the point of making her another military unit? Should have made her focus on buffing and healing nearby units and boosting villagers.

‘What if’ is always a tradition in AoE, but AoE4 feels worse since it kind of pops out from nowhere. While the predecessors always come with stories(campaigns).

e.g. AoE2 Saladin campaign asks player to change the history by winning the Siege of Acre, as the grand finale of the campaign.
e.g. The whole AoE3 Chinese campaign is fiction, based on a debatable historical perspective that the Ming treasure fleet might once colonize Central America before the west did. (But the player still plays as a normal Chinese civilization)

However, AoE4 has none of these. no campaign, and lack of explanation of what led to that ‘what if’.

While the DLC campaign focus on the Crusade but somehow missed the opportunity to make the French variant one of the Crusader states.

If every new DLC comes with campaigns about each new civs (like AoE2 does) would be much better to sell those civs, fictional or not.

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She’s apparently a bit more than a military unit, if her page is to be believed:

But sure, there’s a military component.

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I read that before commenting and I know that she already has the ability to support nearby allies. What I’m trying to say is she should not be able to combat at all, maybe give her even greater supporting ability in exchange.

“What if a holy figure that never kills starts slaughtering her enemies by herself?” doesn’t sound like the best way to praise a historical figure, isn’t it?


If the goal was to praise a historical figure, sure.

It’s not like she was opposed to violence; she endorsed a whole ton of it. Just wriggled out of committing it herself :wink:

At the end of the day, I get it if folks don’t like the portrayal. But “better” and “best” are very subjective here (for folks that at least accept the “what if” premise, like you and I).

The game already has dedicated support units. Would lead to some redundancy imo.

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