Jeanne D'Arc should not be added. The direction AoE is going in is bad

Watch the interviews with the content creators, they say it’s not like Dota, a super powerful, that destroys everything in front of it, it’s JUST A NEW APPROACH, without changing the base, EVERYONE WHO TRIED THE GAME LIKED IT! IT’S NOT FAIR TO SPECULATE WITHOUT AT LEAST KNOWING THE TRUTH!!


I don’t see the problem about variants. A new way to play French. Awesome!
However, what we got?
You don’t play French anymore, you play Jeanne.
A tank unit hero, that levels up, ability to heal, ability deal damage, can spawn units that counter her counters, and even has an ultimate ability.
A freaking mobile unit as a horse production building with skills, yes, I don’t like that at all.
That’s no age of empires anymore.

Man, calm down, don’t need to yell xD
Look, I love the game, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
I am concern about the future of this game, I don’t like. I actually hating what AoE4 is becoming.
If that’s the case, I’ll play just custom games or leave. I don’t know.
I hope I am wrong.

You should be yelling at the marketing team.
They made this mess.
Some players know the answers but can’t open their mouths.
Yet we are in the dark for 2 months.
Sorry if my hype went :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:
I can not lie.

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Sorry, if it sounded like shouting, I don’t speak English, I’m Brazilian and I use Google, sorry!!! Maybe you’re right, everything can go wrong, but this new approach can also be interesting!!! I’m sorry if it sounded like shouting, it’s Google, sorry!!

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Brasil caralho!!
That’s fine.
As I said, I am concern. I don’t like it. I am not a “doomer” saying everything is going fail.
I can still be wrong. I can love it in the end.


This has been in Age of Empires since 2007.

Still not acceptable to base a civ around, but heroes have been an AoE thing for over a decade.


Joan of Arc will practically do something similar to Khan or Mehter, but now he decides to complain

was gonna drop the diamyo myself, jeanne d’arc is still a tier above, bit of trivia, diamyos and shogun were and still are raising eyebrows, for various reasons, so any concerns on jeanne d’arc are somewhat founded in what was already done, i’m willing to give the mechanics a fair shake, but please change the awful naming of this variant

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The choice of being the new updated AOE2 seems gone so I guess this brainstorm session result is not entirely outside the realms of feasibility.

I am too old however, to be convinced Rpg in Aoe is an exciting innovation.

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AoE 2 custom scenarios already have RPG scenarios in them, so RPG wouldn’t be a big new innovation for AoE games

@Fyrapan90 Age of Noob tested it? And among his opinions he compared the khan management to jeanne and basically said it’s night and day…

This perception SCARES ME… i don’t think I’ll favor Age of HEROES.


He said that it was more important, since it is more punishing having her die since a decent amount of the civ’s power is in Joanne’s level (which allows you to get more units especially), not necesarily in her power as a combat unit. In the end it is 1/16 civs, and it will probably be pretty hard so unless you choose to play it, it will be pretty uncommon to see.

@M00Z1LLA Did you play aoe3? Bc if you did you would know this unit and its counter part was soooooooo broken and annoying to play against.

Do you know many times even at the high level where these units would seamlessly sneak into your secret places of your base and start spamming units at you, you didn’t anticipate and can reinforce as fast as you and USE to be able to produce and be a shipment point while on the freaking move???


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Tbh, that’s my biggest concern with Joan is her spawning units in inconvenient spots in your base which I agree would be hard to balance and annoying to deal with.

You’re optimistic. And that’s fine for you.

But me? I’M A FREAKING DOOMER!!! These ppl have set in 5 freaking seasons been able to balance mongols and actually address all the common bugs in this game?

Now they want to introduce 4 more Mongol-ist renditions and tell me not to worry? I’m dreading what might possibly be yet additional nightmare matchups for Delhi, my main…

I’m legit confused how this Jeanne unit is significsntly different from any of the following units who already exist in this franchise: The Pharaoh in AoM’s Egyptians, the Explorer in AoE3’s various European civs, the Chief in AoEO’s Norse, the Primus Pilus in AoEO’s Romans, or the Scout in every AoEO civ.

I’d suggest that AoE4 is actually pretty late in releasing a civ with a unit that can not be trained/does not spawn multiple times at once. At this point, it’s a frequently used mechanic to be peppered into a civ or two to spice up design, no?

Reasonable minds can quibble, I suppose, on anchoring the unit to a specific historical human being, but even still that’s been done before.

I don’t agree with the name of the civ, though. That’s definitely odd.

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I doubt she would be a dreaded delhi matchup. Delhi is really focused around feudal age plays into castle. Joan can’t spawn units until castle age and probably has less bonuses compared to french early on. Combined with the fact that ghazi raiders are good against both of her forms, Delhi will likely be pretty good against her.

I only played aoe3 so i can speak to that comparison. None of the explorers nor the native warchiefs had this level of emphasis in the civ functions. I personally like if all the introduced heroes functions akin to our khan, English king and mether. But growing in experience points? Choosing landmarks to decide which perks my hero gets and spamming units from my hero?? Personally I’m leary of it all, but i do NOT know until i know…

I didn’t say I liked the unit, just that it’s something that has been in AoE for a very long time.

I’d love to see some major reworks of Daimyos to bring them more in line with the other hero units and be less annoying.

Well it goes through at least 3 levels of quite distinct differences, haven’t seen a peasant to warrior/archer and then horseman kinds of deal in any of the other games.

Otherwise I agree

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OK, yes, I suppose there is much greater emphasis on the unit here, and I can see how that pushes the design in a direction some (many?) players wouldn’t want. I apologize for not knowing that. I’m on the council but haven’t played the game in a very long time.