Jeanne d'Arc should not use a heavy cannon as her 4th level weapon choice

Firstly, since she can take the archery path, they could allow her to use a crossbow or a bow in her final phase, since that would still keep that theme intact.

As for her melee path, It does not make sense that she even uses a ranged weapon in her final phase, because she can only shoot enemies 1 square away from her and that makes the cannon seem more like a slaughterhouse tool than a ranged weapon. It would probably fit thematically to use a different, melee weapon in that case. Perhaps a spear with a flag?


I agree that the cannon looks really stupid on the melee version.

It’s also not impossible that this is a nod to the historical references of Jeanne as being a prodigy (considering her lack of education/training) when it came to cannons and gunpowder weapons at the time.