Jeanne's Hunter path damage is seriously bugged in feudal

She’s only doing 5 damage a shot in Feudal instead of 8, which is absolutely brutal and makes the path completely unviable relative to the MAA path.

Patch: aoeliverelease2 age4 9.2.628.0

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after the patch, comparing WAA and Hunter, both:

  • have 225 HP
  • 1.38 movement speed

WAA has the advantage of:

  • 3 melee and 2 range armor
  • 11 melee damage vs 5 range damage
  • AoE blast vs divine arrow

Even before the patch, many players know how to kill JD already. (thanks for the guides) And now JD is just too easy to get killed. JD’s main value is to stay alive and do the Consecrate or help out speed up building stuff. The Hunter path is harder to survive so I agree it is not a visable option.

This patch screwed the Jeanne d’Arc civ. Now JD is more a backoffice surprivisor role. It is very hard to use her in actual combat. I suggest in the next path, give JD some kind of aura to boost surrounding military units, make her work better as a army commander.

Yeah, all the data they collect after the hunter buffs is useless because it’s just completely unplayable right now. I think the MAA path is pretty good and reliable, but I do agree that it’d be cool if she was more of a leader than a supersoldier.

I also want to see her focus on siege and infantry more than knights. I think arbatrelier are oje of the coolest units in tbe game but they’re hard to justify when you’ve got royal knights.