Joan of Arc's campaign

Sometimes enemy armies add hit units that hinder their movement and make them clumsy.

Levels 4 to 6 on high difficulty are impossible to win for me.

everything they have recreated is wonderful :slight_smile:

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I agree. Even though I was able to complete Level 4 and 5 on high difficulty, it felt like I was only able to because I used some tricks like taking some shortcuts. In the Paris Mission I went straight through the wood to get to last target and then waited for the enemy army to destroy the complete outpost before i braught my 6 vills into “safety”. And the “clumsy” armies made it easy for my siege weapons to win fights I should not have won. Level 6 was impossible since you had no time at all to build up your own base, before the big attack waves started. And even though I could defeat the first 2 waves the third wave always got me. My suggesion would be to get more time (maybe 2 minutes) before the big waves start coming in. Besides these two things everything was great.:+1:

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