Jogaila "upgrades" to -10 attack in Second Poles Campaign Mission

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  • GAME BUILD #: 75350
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Jogaila downgrades when you “upgrade” him the in second mission, Star of the Poles, of the Jadwiga Campaign.

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. In the E. Europe campaign area, Open up “Star of the Poles”, the 2nd mission in the Jadwiga Campaign.
  2. Make Jogaila attack any unit/building. The easiest being the farms Green owns to the East of the starting base.
  3. Do this until he upgrades.

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Jogaila gains hp, and is supposed to gain +3 attack. Instead, he goes from 13+1 to 13-10 attack.

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Same issue in the first Rajendra campaign mission “The Successor.”

I used the editor to try and add attack to an object (modify attribute, attack) to something and it did the same thing. I think that is the root of the issue

Yep, there are like a dozen threads about this issue here. Devs responded to the first couple, saying they were tracking it, but I don’t expect them to respond to all and say the same thing.

this last “update” IDK what to call it, the one where they added a bunch of new achivments around the 1st of Feb has been a disaster. You have this attack modiifier issue and my game has been crashing constantly since this update.

It’s an issue with modify attribute trigger, we’re tracking this issue.

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Ya got me. Response expectations exceeded. But if they really want to impress me, ya know, fixing the actual bug within the month would be pretty cool. But maybe if I say I don’t expect them to, they’ll pull out a surprisingly quick fix. :crossed_fingers:

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Also having this issue.