Join a fun AOE2 discord server

Play some meme games, meet people from around the world, chat, premier watches on Saturdays, community game on Sundays and many more fun AOE2 activities. everyone welcome:

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Watchout, your post migth get flagged and taken down by some buzz killing people who don’t like the fact that other people share their aoe discord groups in this forum, I say this because it has happened to me before, lol.


You didnt get flagged for that reason. Posting links to discords seem totally fine to me.


O.o okay than. I suppose my post is fine then too. Fairly certain the rule you posted in my thread was not just for bumping but also for advertising.

There should be a community section for this kind of topics in forums

If your worried about it getting taken down off topic would be a safe place to go. Otherwise try to make it a discussion type post with your like as an example. Definitely don’t make a new one everyday.

its invalid QwQ or did the idea got scratched again ?

The invite link seems to expire every 7 days - here’s a new link

this one shouldn’t expire.

Also is there something wrong with posting a discord group here?