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CBA is a Castle Blood Arena Custom scenario which has been around since 2011 which was Mainly
created on Voobly and GameRanger community, although i was not on Voobly but i was a Developer on GameRanger for CBA maps for around 2011-2014, now that we have DE i had decided to join back in and recreate this awesome custom scenario with dedication to new abilities and compability for DE
follow my Discord to be updated about my progress and be the first to Host the map when it is done
i also broadcast on steam when i work on the map and you can join in and suggest what i should added or remove from planned features



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I watched one game of this mode and i really liked it. My only concern is that, as unique units is the core of the game, some civs are not really balanced, but the teamwork fixes this.

the main factor of the game is Team play and if your team doesnt know to play, you are lucky if you got a good civ, but im aiming to fix that issue

oh ok, no problem. will do

Link not working? Have another invite?

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