Join the Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Beta on the Microsoft Store!

check your windows version is correct, Windows Key + R and type winver it should say version 1903, if not, you have to check windows update and check if you are in the right version

To test crossplaying.

The pre-game demo videos are flickering.

I experience the same issue.

hello my friends

I hope you have all managed to enter the beta version of the legendary AOE DE.

If some still failed, patience. I also had to wait, you will also get it very soon.

Now I am downloading the beta to try to play.

I have had and still have some problems in my system. I hope to solve them when I get some PC hardware components that I have ordered.

Good luck to everyone, you are the best !!!

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Who else has this issue on the beta: Cannot play due to problems with another running process

Whitelisted in AV (AVG Free), still occuring. The latest released version has no issues, but the Beta kicks me out after a few minutes.

Same here, problems with another running process after a few minutes.

Estéticamente precioso. Pero no se puede jugar nunca debido a que no hay jugadores esperando en mi región. Por lo tanto el matchmaking es eterno y uno al final lo deja por imposible.

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Otra cosa a añadir es que, ya que no hay opciones aparentes de poder disfrutar del juego con otros jugadores. Porque no permiten jugar contra la IA, permitiría probar enormemente y aprovechar al maximo el tiempo a todos los jugadores que lo deseen.

My Username with strange numbers jumps in the game screen just like the old win xp screen saver.

You cannot disable it, its used to deter leakers.

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Just for avoid to you no break your NDA agreement.

Bien, después de días tratando no he logrado que aparezca el juego en el Inside Hub, ¿alguien logró solucionarlo?

Well, after days trying to play the game in the Inside Hub I couldn’t, does anyone solve the issue?

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i thought i am getting aoe2de beta not aoede, i have the game when it first release

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i can join the beta but i cant download the game via the microsoft store

i dont know why

Please try clicking away from the Insider Content page on the Xbox Insider Hub and then clicking back to refresh the page. Closing and re-opening the app may cause it to refresh as well. You can also use the Xbox Console Companion app on your computer to sign-out of your linked Xbox apps and then re-sign in.

If the AOE:DE beta does not appear, then please check that you are running Windows 10 version 1903 or higher, and OS build 18362 or higher. You can check this by clicking the start menu, typing “winver”, and running the command that appears. Also check that you do not have any pending Windows updates, and that the last set of Windows updates installed correctly.

If none of these tips assist, then you may need to reach out to Xbox support for assistance. Please let us know of any solutions they discover with you so that we can refine our troubleshooting process. Thanks!

We will be launching a Steam-version of the game, and are doing a test of cross-network functionality with the Windows Store platform. More details on that beta are in the email you received. The beta version downloads as a separate program from the retail version in the Windows Store.

Hey there, can you provide some more detail on where you are getting stuck? Is the Windows Store page for the beta not pulling up? Is the Install button greyed out? etc. This will help us troubleshoot a solution. Thanks!