Join the Age of Mythology DM League Season 1

Join the Age of Mythology DM season 1 league

AOM DM League Season 1 Guidelines:

$60 Dollar prize split between the top 3 point leaders. 1. $30 2. $20 3. $10

The season lasts 1 quarter or 3 months

Two tourneys per month for a total of 6 tourneys (DM Tourneys hosted by others can count to point totals) with the last tourney being the season-ending tourney. Only the 8 highest ranked point accounts will make the season-ending tourney, where each won round will count for double points.

Season 1 Rules:

  1. The first tourney of the season will be seeded based on the rankings in the challenge ladder in the DM Discord linked below, and then seeded based on the season point total leaderboard thereafter. The initial sign up period will be two weeks. Nakamura’s monthly August DM Cup on Aug 21st will be your last chance to advance your rank on the challenge ladder. Anybody who joins a league event throughout the season will automatically be signed up and put in the league ranking system.

  2. You must play on your main account, and no smurfs will be allowed unless it is a separate smurf tourney where all names are revealed at the end.

  3. Not showing up for a tourney without prior notice will mean that you cannot play the next one.

  4. You gain points for tourney series/round wins. Round 1 = 1 point, Round 2 = 2 points, and so on.

  5. You must be a member of the Age of Mythology DM discord @ to join the league season.