Julius Caesar Campaign Chapter I Bello Gallico (The Gallic Wars)

Discuss Julius Caesar Campaign Chapter I Bello Gallico (The Gallic Wars)

I went back yesterday to play this campaign, since i enjoyed it so much. But on the first level, the ai no longer sends attack waves at you (except the first time). It just sits there the whole game. You may already be aware of this and working on it though…

I download this campaign mod,but there is **no aoe2campaign file.**And no campaign. I saw the resources file and widgetui file, but cannot find aoe2campaign file in resource folder.

played with rome at war mod and t was great

I am the creator of this campaign, and am glad you enjoyed it. I apologise about the a.i in this campaign. This was the first campaign I made, and had no idea how to create my own a.i, so I had to use the CD version which is kinda terrible. I am currently remaking this campaign with new A.I, and part 2 of this campaign has been released, which also has new a.i files.

Thanks for playing!

Sorry to hear about that. That does seem to occur to some people who download this mod, but it also works fine with most of the people who download this mod. I’m sorry to say that I dont think there is much I can do about it from my end as the campaign file is definatley in the mod folder I uploaded.

What a pity ! I cannot download this campaign file. However, can you please send this mod file as enclosure to my email address-21ab0504123@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.