July Change Chu-ko-Nu and tower and Castles

seems like the new patch brought us a bit of a problematic with Chinese and and the extra Arrows

but i wanna know you your thoughts about it

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is no problematics at all


Cant wait to test the Chinese bombard tower, I hope it fires 2+ canon balls.

After test: so sad it fires 1 canon ball…

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As far as I know bombard towers are only enhanced by hand canoneers and not by archers.

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i just now that regular tower and castle gonna get quicker to the max arrow shots with cho-ku-nu

maybe it isnt i mean i tryd it in a game got fiercly overun by the enemy but quick castle age tower and 2 castles aswell as ckn seemed to held them off for atleast a bit

In Teuton bombard towers fire 4

I think I’ll agree with SOTL’s suggestion. Just take the main arrow into calculation and ignore all the secondary arrows. Buffing Chinese is the last thing this game should do.


Agree, just take the first arrow damage output

Agree, that’s completely unnecessary.

I think it’s fine - the castles have a maximum and bombard towers aren’t exactly improved unless you ally with Teutons - it makes sense for the civ that their arrows would blot out the sun - it did not make sense that before the patch they hardly added much of any arrows at all.

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I’m not keen on that, I’d rather the game mechanics primarily made sense, where possible, and they addressed balance issues in other ways.


i mean in a sense is @HealFortress right since the Arrows numbers corosponding to the amount of archer were just dumb

honestly this might be not that bad at all dident really had to fully test it but the result so far ar not really concerning

But it’s inaccurate nonetheless, as extra arrows usually do much less damage due to pierce armor.

If they would just add 1 damage per extra arrow it would be fine, as the comparable high dps vs rams can easily be achieved by un- and regarrisoning.

I saw this evening that 20 heavy cavalry archers upped my castle arrow count to 21 (1+20 extra).
For the Cuman’s Elite Kipchak you only need 14 to up the arrow count to 21.
Was like that before? Did they up all archers extra arrow count?

Archers and skirmishers that fire extra arrows are now accounted for as well as skirmishers in general

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this was an intended fix to previously unintended behavior.
its not problematic now but it was problematic before. now everything is the way it should be.


Inb4 players realize great wall towers with what is it 3? 4? CKN for max arrows that can hop out to kill rams and stay inside to kill units is grossly overpowered.

Especially once they realize what a castle drop followed by successive towers can accomplish for the stone cost.

Villagers are overpowered, they can build multiple castles!

Having had time to think about it some more, I now think the best solution would be for the castle to fire secondary projectiles when it has units garrisoned that fire secondary projectiles. Combining the secondary projectiles’ attack into a single higher attack projectile is problematic because it does much more damage after armour is subtracted.

In general, the game has to be seen as simulating the effect of a unit using its own equipment from inside the castle, rather than using different equipment that is stationed inside the castle. If units were using different equipment, then all units would add the same attack, so the fact their own attack adds to that of the castle suggests they are using their own equipment. So the only way for the game to make sense in terms of what happens when Chu-ko-nu are garrisoned is for the castle fire to have secondary projectiles. It’s okay to have some gain in range and damage due to firing from higher up.