July Patch?

So… where are the patch?


Doesn’t look like it will be out today unless it’s out within the hour.

Stuck in our dreams.


The update time window is usually 11:00-13:00 US Pacific time, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If not this Thursday then July is really over.

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inferno used the term “ill give you the date” today (7/26/2023 in freedom date system)) so its likely backed farther
also he mentioned its still behind some other civs stuff
so “enjoy” the beach update for 4 i guess while we wait longer
yay :frowning:

I think it’s our fault. We still stick to the unfavored old game and do not migrate to the shiny new one. We don’t praise the shiny new game as much. We fail to realize the mere existence of this game is a thorn in the flesh as it makes their “innovations” look not-so-innovative. We even dare to ask for more updates which will waste their precious manpower and social media resources.

So god’s retribution comes.


Atone before The Turtle and The Tree Man, before it’s too late…

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What a disappointment!


And I cannot believe they still refuse to give a precise release date for something that is already finished a month ago. Is it so hard to decide?

I am okay if you cannot decide the release time for a WIP —— see how much I have lowered the bar. This game has literally NEVER got a single timeline. That is a pretty bad treatment by the today’s standard of gaming industry, or even the standard of its own series. Ironically I have got pretty accustomed to it.


I’m disappointed too… but there is still a few days in July so devs still my be able to deliver patch as promised.

Hope they will and new civs are going to be announced.


If not today, I hope we’ll have a holiday on this Thursday.

Normally this would have been out first tuesday of July. I’ve been hoping for the patch every tuesday and thursday since and it’s nearly the end of the month. Communication from the devs is abysmal, pretty much non-existent. It would have been far better to come out and say the patch has been delayed and it will be out end of the month than just leave everyone in the dark as to when it will be released.


Btw. not being able to deliver patch for weeks because of some Steam issue sounds quite ridiculous.
Looks like AoE3 is some minor indie game and is not being treated seriously by Steam.

Sad to hear.


That’s just a polite and political way of saying “############”.

I smell something extremely ugly underneath the surface.


The main problem could be Aoe4


Damn it sucks to be the secondary dish…


I call BS on that. Cod has had like a gazillion updates this month. I doubt Steam is targeting aoe3 for some reason.

Let’s assume it is the case.
If AOE4 runs into a technical issue from steam during an update, what will they do?

They will push the planned AOE3 update later.

That explains it.


Well, it is just what InfernoGalore said. I don’t know if it is true or not but it sounds bad.

Inferno just confirmed on Discord the patch will be next week with the notes coming on Monday.