June 2021 Balance change revealed?

Ornlu in his latest video discussed about the upcoming patch. Apparently beta is available for the next patch and you can update your game, just like you could do for the last patch. The balance changes are followings as from Ornlu’s video -

-Hand Cannoneers: accuracy increased from 65% to 75%
-(Heavy) Cavalry Archers: attack animation increased from 1.15s to 1.17s (was originally 1.30s)
-Burgundians - Flemish Revolution: cost increased from 800f, 450g to 1200f, 650g
-Burgundians - Flemish Militia: now get no extra bonus damage vs buildings (was 2 extra damage)
-Persians - (Elite) War Elephants: now train in 25s; now cost 170f, 85g (used to train in 31s; cost 200f, 75g)
-Slavs - Elite Boyar: now has 8/3 base armor (was 6/3)
-Turks - Artillery: now costs 450w, 500g (used to cost 450s, 500g)

I personally agree with half of them and rest of the half seems pretty unnecessary to me.
I’m not sure about HC buff and CA nerf. People were asking for a buff for HC for quite some time and now we have +10% accuracy for them. I personally don’t think that would make much difference and we may still need another buff. I barely use CA. So I can’t tell if it CA nerf was needed or not?
Turks “Artillery” cost changed to wood from stone is very much welcomed.
Burgandians need a nerf for the civ in general, not just the Flemish Revolution and Flemish Militia. One of their 50% discount should be reduced or something different nerf like tech tree.
WE and E.Boyar buffs don’t seem to be important to me.


already a thread about this.

Is there? I can’t find it. Mind sharing the link?

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