June 2022 PUP Royal Knight and Knight need use(cost) = 2 Population

Royal Knight and Knight need use (cost) =2 Population.
Balance same Age of Empire 3.

Royal Knight and Knight are the strongest units in the game.
and have higher speed than spearmen.
My English isn’t that good.


I agree, good idea!
Hussairs in aoe3 cost 2 pop and cuirassiers even 3 pop.
That’s how to balance it.
If you make a army or cav to snipe landmarks or something funny like that, you won’t have any pop left for other troops and are vulnerable in that way.
Especially good to balance team matches.

Also, they should buff spearmen a little in my opinion.
Probably give it more hp or a larger bonus attack vs cav.
I’d say the bonus would be a good choice, similarly to aoe3, where running cav into pikes is just suicide.


All horses need to have 2 pop instead one.

Lancers / knights are basically best unit in the game by large margin. They do everything and there is no space for infantry.

If siege was nerffed because devs didnt want 1 unit comps then stop every other civ spamming same units. Game is all about cavalry and been so for months. Especially on maps that are more open and even if its closed map just break the wall and run through all keeps / outposts to destroy opponents eco.

Horsemen are also insane in imperial age. They’re easily as good as knights. Cheap to make costs only food which is easiest infinite resource to get and you can just sent large group to opponents base and they do dmg.

Meanwhile on forums “bohoo china op” while french players I build 10 stables around keep that costs 800 resources and create 12 stables worth of royal knights with 310HP at castle age and that 2 extra stables are free + production is free.


I think aoe3 system with brutally unforgiving counter system (aoe4’s current system is a joke in comparison, as if it wasn’t there when mass is big enough) and clearly stronger units costing extra pop space could solve most but not all of aoe4’s current counter issues

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Maybe. But devs are too busy doing bad changes. They continue making civs exactly same and with very slight differences. Look at SC2 or WC3 where all races are different and play differently. Now we move towards everyone making lancers / knights. Civs lose identities and everything is same. Making game worse

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imo this game lacks military assymetry completely
and most unique units aren’t worth making in any situation

eco assymetry is there and more or less working so there’s that, its rather unbalanced rn tho, not high elo (aka at 1000 elo roughly in other AOE games, haven’t given 4’s multiplayer outside of custom games a fair chance) myself but its just details and patterns i keep noticing, example being most civs landmarks having an effect the moment they’re up, except abbasids (they could use villager garrisoning to speed up age up at least)

Every match is essentially same. There is some differences in economic side etc but those are not the ones are most impactful thing for player.

Whats the point that every civ has MAA? Why is mongol infantry called MAA? Why its same as other civs etc etc. Now that more unique units and civ identities are removed / nerffed to ground it means all the civs are close to each other and essentially same

Same is with civ picks. Its constantly same. English - French 90% of the time and 10% of the time something else and same pattern in every game. Nothing changes no weird strategies that caught ppl offguard but same old ■■■■. `French knights show up they do nothing they die. English LB and couple of towers and ram and they die.

Like cmon. No more prof scout deer stealing, no more stone wall tower rush, soon no more TR, no more feudal rushes just play standard 50min game

edit: Im +1600 elo player in 2v2. I have +1700 matches under my belt as chinese and I can tell you rn. 5 Months ago I saw match greater variety of units and unit comps than I see now and I saw constantly difference civs and not 2 civs 90% of the time

I like to call this meta addiction, happens everywhere, i prefer to see someone else’s replay to see how they execute it, then use that to aid with scouting so in case i spot those patterns, i have a plan in place to deal with it, will admit that recent tower rushes still cause issues, as at times the map itself prevents any counter play

made tougher with homing missile arrows 4 has for better or worse

as someone who likes playing china for flexibility, i really wonder when the nerf carpet bombing is planned to end

It wont end. It continues till china is not played

ye probably, but hey at least we can counter siege in season 2

What siege? Doesn’t exist. I already play siegeless china and I kill all siege units with cavalry because they cant be protected rn by anything and then I just proceed raiding opponents economy. Or I go around the siege and go to their base.

Siege is strong when it can fight head on and somehow you cant reach them with cavalry but outside of that meh.

referred to specific event of villagers repairing siege way faster than you can damage it, with few spears nearby, again not high elo, so i don’t necessarily use the same mindset

Not really. Imp age lancers do 20 siege dmg. With 10 its 200 dmg per 2 seconds. If you notice they’re pulling villagers to repair siege then you switch target and they have to do the same.

Also spears do nothing unless they got overwhelming amount vs knights

I love AoE3 so much, but I wouldn’t put it as an example of competitiveness.

It is better to compare it with SC2, where there is a population depending on the unit, yes, it should only be for competitive games, since many casual will want to have more pop.

Aprox 100 resources = 1 pop.
Aprox 200 resources = 2 pop…

Bombards and culv. = 7 pop.
Rest of Siege = 4-5 pop.

i see the points, but keep in mind aoe4 at the moment isn’t exactly an example of competitive balance either, less so honestly

do you understand, that
mid game will be same
late game - will be completely changed.

Keep dreaming. Mid / late game = all about cavalry rest are inferior and all you do is run around cavalry and have 1 siege unit to break wall so cavalry can run to opponents base