June PUP - Trade Post Alliance during Treaty outside Treaty Zone

I’m not sure how other treaty players feel, but as someone who plays exclusively treaty, I read the part of the patch notes that detailed the new Alliance feature with great excitement. Access to some of these technologies would vastly open up a number of maps, strategies, and economic booms for Treaty. In fact, I personally often play treaty games with Nomad in order to do just this. We could also cease the native musical chairs on some maps like Andes when the treaty ends! Sadly, after downloading the June PUP, this isn’t how it works lol. The native settlements outside the trade posts are locked (see image below)

So I wanted to discuss this - what do some of the community think about making native settlements outside of the Treaty Spawn zone available during the Treaty period? Is this something you’d like to see? (Perhaps it doesn’t always have to be available by default - it could be an option like under Free For All/ Record Game; there could be a check box like “Allow Alliances during Treaty”). Or is this something you don’t want at all?

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Since the maps are usually very symmetrical, they could be divided from the beginning of the game so that neither one takes advantage of the other. That is to say, each player will be able to control half of the native TP that respectively correspond to him.

He will not be able to create units until the end of the treaty, but he will be able to perform the upgrades that TP grants.


I always thought that there should be an exception for Trading Posts in Treaty. It’s particularly frustrating when a Trading Post socket is right outside your Treaty borders and you can’t do anything about it.

This apply to most maps in 1v1 scenarios, but I don’t think it would work in free-for-all or team games.

Another solution would be to have two concentric Treaty border rings for each player. The first ring is the usual one that defines where most buildings can be built. The second ring is much larger and sets a generous limit for where you can build Trading Posts. Some overlap between rival players may occur however…

Yes! Legacy before Treaty was supported by developers, there was a “half map” rule that was often respected where we could build anything (like trade posts) on our side of the map.

Things that were directly in the center (like the trade post on Great Plains, a popular ‘no rush’ map back in aoe3:legacy), it would be a first-come-first-serve.