Just a bit of curiosity with Balance

  1. Aztec villagers have +3 carry capacity. Solid bonus. But I prefer it to apply to everything except Shepherds. Sheep are just below the TC if you pay attention. The +3 carry capacity is painful because it hinders the normal villager creation by force drop offs. Whar actually seems to be a nerf is actually a buff (quality of life feature?). Think about it.

  2. Eagle Scouts in dark age need to be nerfed more. This time by lowering their attack by 1 (only in the Dark Age). They will still beat Dark Age Scout Cavalry and are better at surviving TC fire on account of their +5 HP. The fact is Scout Cavalry die to a loomed villager but not Eagle Scouts Possibly making them good at laming villagers in dark age.

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QoL at best. It only matters for slower players. At a certain level you can easily manage to do a few force drops in time and you are surely willing to spend a few apm and have that nice eco boost for the rest of the game :wink:

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First, the scout is often more valuable than a villager. On top of this, you can easily intervene with other villagers and your own scout to help that one villager. And finally a villager can run more than 40 tiles with an eagle scout chasing it, so the villager is never dying.
In comparison a scout cavalry in feudal age can run down a villager in less than 20 tiles.