Just a small introduction to calm my excitement about DE

Hello, I’m MrGun, a 25yrs old very nostalgic fan of the original Age of Empires. My introduction to AoE began with a RoR demo in one of those pc magazine disks, I played that demo for years until I finally managed to convince my parents to buy the Gold Edition (very late, AoE II was probably out by then), which I still have to this day. Never was a very good player unfortunately, apparently my brain is not built for micro management… I still managed to beat some campaigns on normal and have a blast playing though.

I’m also a big fan of AoM, but never had the chance to play AoE 2&3 (I know!), but don’t worry, the steam sales fixed that.

After playing AoE very recently with Upatch I noticed the game has aged a little and some newer features are missed… My hopes for DE is that they can mitigate some of those frustrations so I can focus on the nostalgia instead. I wish good luck on the AoE team and thank you for remastering one of my childhood favourites :slight_smile:


My first AoE was AoK which I bought in its boxed version with my allowance money around 2000 and never looked back. It was not my first RTS (Starcraft was) but it has been a franchise I have always revisited and put countless hours into. Really cool to see people who have played at different points over the years all come back to play AoEDE.

I think this is a good time to release a remaster because RTS lovers have few games to be interested in at the moment and the desire for nostalgic gaming is really strong at the moment with Nintendo releasing legacy consoles in miniature and other franchises also remastering their work.

See you in game!

I will be having it, and will probably play it a lot more than AoE 2, which I still haven’t really gotten into. Looking forward to some hopefully good multiplayer battles! And some DM because sometimes I don’t feel like micromanaging villagers and every 2 extra resource form sending him back to work after he returns to the storage pit carrying 0 wood because a tree had 0 wood left in it but was still available :wink: Plus, large battles are fun!