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I played long time ago aoe 3 and the reason I stopped playing is the movement of the units.

This formation movement was really annoying.

So my question is , how much of you guys like the movement now, how much of you want to change, and is it even possible to change even if people want.

For me this is the best aoe, just pathing really throw me off

I also stopped playing but not because of movement xD. Movement is fine I think. The unique snare mechanism is interesting


I don’t quite get what you don’t like ?


pretty sure the annoyance here is units in formation having seemingly random speedups and slowdowns (they aren’t actually random, but rather perfectly predictable, just people need to spread awareness about it)


pretty much this, they don’t move freely , move kinda like square and turn the same

And what would you like to change ?
Like, adding different formations ?


Yes, please Dev Agent N 2

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no, I just asked if its possible the movement of units to be like aoe 4
Even if aoe 4 is not a good game imo, the only thing better than aoe 3 is the movement of units

Micro your units in different control groups ? ^^
split cav and inf

imo aoe4’s blobbing isn’t exactly the solution here either, you’d have to replace fundamental pathing logic of bang, which i doubt would even be considered at this point

There are some things about the movement that bother me:

The autoattack doesn’t work well. In SC-2 it’s perfect. They attack them once they are within range. Here in AOE-3 the units “self-gift” if you give the order to auto attack. I mean, if they attack, but they react a little late.

The canons are very clunky, except for the ones that are machine gun type or don’t need to mount/dismount. For example, falconets are mounted when you only want them to approach without the need for them to mount. They also feel clumsy when shooting. I don’t know how to really explain it, but they feint to determine a target. (It’s my feeling and not yes if the same thing happens to more people). The bombards are even clumsier. It is similar to how it happened in the legacy game the grenadiers did not throw the grenade if the unit died.

I feel like the units don’t have basic priorities. For example, you have to micromanage a lot so that the units attack other units and do not divert attention to the buildings.

Now that mortars can attack units, I wish we could set their priorities. By default I think they should attack buildings. I even think we could determine if they prioritize walls over other constructions, since they have to be micromanaged too much, and walls have too many segments to select one by one. These also mount/dismount when you just want them to drift a bit.

Im finding it hard to get into AOE4 because i like the movement mechanics of AOE3, Just so much more interesting having a snare


I think you are rigjt about cannons but mortars not. You never want mortars to prioritise walls…always hitting the important buildings. Walls just need an opening then that’s it

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