[Just for fun] New Scenario Editor Units and Buildings

Another thread in the series of Just of Fun threads.

Theoretically everything could be turned into a Scenario Editor unit or building. There is no real limitation but that would be kinda pointless to make a thread about that.
So please think about additions that would make sense in a lot of Scenarios and not sure something very specific or just some eye candy.

Some of my ideas

Cut content

  • Spy unit. Looks like one of their own villagers to the enemy. (similar to Changeling in Starcraft)
  • Boarding Ship. Basically Monk on the water.
  • Builder Ship. Can construct Sea Walls, Sea Gates, Sea Towers and Docks as well as repair ships.

Most of the code still works as far as I know. The Romea ad Bellum mod has both of the ships working in it.
Having them work without mods and giving them some official sprites would be useful for many naval scenarios.

Economy units

Villager Wagon

  • Villager that doesn’t need a drop off building
  • Collected resources are instantly deposited
  • Looks like the Settler Wagon from AoE3 or the Atlantean citizen from AoM (Villager with a donkey)

Useful of some scenarios where the player only has very limited villagers.
For example a scenario where the player starts with one Villager Wagon and 0 resources or even just one Monk and 0 resources.
Also useful for scenarios where the player has to migrate between a lot of small piles of resources.


  • Villager that only collects resources
  • Can’t construct buildings (maybe with the exception of farms)
  • Maybe should still be able to repair things though

Useful in scenarios where the player is not supposed to build any buildings in his base but is allowed to build them in a different place (so just disabling all buildings doesn’t work)


  • Villager that can only construct buildings
  • Can’t collect any resources
  • Can repair buildings and siege units

The opposite of the Gatherer.
Could be used in combination with the Gatherer to limit the options the player has in certain parts of the map. For example one base could have Gatherers and the other Architects. So you have to fight your way to the base with the Gatherers in time before it gets attacked because you can’t build up any defence there.
Another use would be in Scenarios where you are not supposed to collect any resources but the scenario still want’s to have trees, animals and other resources as decoration and not ban Town Centres.

Other none military units


  • Can garrison unit like a Ram
  • Is considered civilian and is not attacked by neutral players
  • Might use the Ox Wagon/Cart skins

Useful for a lot of sneaky scenarios. Since it is not attacked by a Neutral AI it can be used to sneak military units (and heroes) though a Neutral players base.

AoM like Ox Cart

  • Unit that functions as a drop off for all resources

Not sure if that’s possible in the code of AoE2.
This unit would be useful in a similar way as the villager that doesn’t need a drop off point, it would make the player a lot more mobile in a scenario.
Very helpful if you want to make the play in your scenario rely on hunting.

AoE1 units and buildings

  • all of them please

If they are already posted to AoE2 for the RoR DLC then why not make them available in the editor. That is hopefully already planned.
While half of them look too ancient to be all that useful they would still be very easy to add, so no real reason not to.

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Also in R@W. 20 characters because quotes don’t count.


People told me an It Follows-inspired mod wouldn’t work, but this sounds similar to what I had in mind. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to implement, but the complex tracking system is the bigger deal.

It’s only been a month or two since I last tried out the mod and there are already so many new features. This mod is crazy.

The Spy is something they originally planned for the game so the code for it might still be in the game.

It existed by SotL’s first video, he even mentions it there.

Not sure it I watched that video but then I probably just missed the feature when I tested the mod. I did not try out all civilisations.

This would make for a great unique water unit, tough to balance tho, but for a water focused American civ like the ChimĂş it would be perfect

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