[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

I like it, but I would lock it behind a Castle UT

  1. Enemy units can’t walk over farms.
  2. Militia line upgrade cost no gold.
  3. Militia line +5 HP per upgrade, have Champion. Or +10 HP per upgrade but no Champion.
  4. Militia line +30% HP from Feudal.
  5. Thumb Ring and/or Ballistic cost no wood.
  6. Stable techs cost no gold. No Paladin. Maybe not even Hussar.
  7. Spearman upgrade cost no gold.

i’m not sure this is possible, and would probably be a coding nightmare

this seems pretty weak compared to bulgarians

these seem very similar to eachother (obviously) and overlap with vikings.

honestly both would probably be best.

That sounds like you grew up with the movie Braveheart.

Or a Dutch civ

I think the same. 11

You’re right. They will have Champion though. Maybe barracks techs doesn’t cost gold (Not an Eagle civ) will be okay. Sounds too strong on paper but infantry usually can get a big bonus without a problem.

  • Pay for techs as they research:
    You don’t have to pay for the full price of techs when you click them, instead you lose proportional resources as they research. For example, castle age is #### 50g, when you click castle you start losing food and gold. By the time you are 5% of the way up you’ve paid 40f 2.5g and by the time your 25% of the way up you’ve paid 200f 12.5g and so on. If you have 0 of any of the resources you need at any one point then the upgrade is paused.
    This would probably be op if it included all techs so maybe exclude age ups. If still op then restrict it to blacksmith, stable and siege workshop. Blacksmith to make it easier to squeeze out key upgrades (archer atk, +2 knights, etc.). Siegeshop and stable because they have expensive power techs that can be hard to save for (paladin, onager and siege onager, siege ram, heavy scorpion).

It could be handled in the same way as a (destructible) berry bush - impassable, but villagers gather from the edges. A lot of farm bonuses have been taken already, but we’ve yet to see a civ with a unique farm. Could be an enclosed farm or orchard or something.

Cool idea. I’m not even entirely sure that Age-ups would be broken (though they might be) since you wouldn’t be able to produce villagers when the tech was researching, or when idled due to lack of res. In practice it would probably play out like Malay going up faster but with weaker eco.


But how can you make friendly units walk through them?

It would have to work differently than a standard farm, but could be a pseudo-garrison mechanic where only the player can send a villager “into” a farm, but enemy units can’t. Alternately the new farm could be composed of multiple pieces like a TC - an impassable (garrisonable or gate function) area and a work-under area, but that’s a little more clunky.

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. So maybe it is possible. Farm with invisible gate.

Or even a visible gate/fence, putting the “guard” in garden. IMO if they make a farm that has this mechanic, might as well have a visual showcase of the effect.


I call this Completionist:

  • Gets +1 bonus after researching all the upgrades of the same line.

So after researching all Archer attack upgrades your archer units get +1 ATK. After researching all cavalry armor upgrades you get +1 Melee armor. All this for Imperial.

New building: Lighthouse, restore HP and add a new effect to ships. Something similar to the Caravanserai


I agree for feudal uptimes since villagers are worth more then, but I feel it’s different for castle and especially imperial. While a normal civ is saving up for imperial age, a civ with this bonus is actively paying for it. You should reach imperial age at the same time another civ finishes gathering res and clicks up. And while Malay advance in 40% less time, a civ with this bonus would advance in 100% earlier and 3 min earlier imp by default seems a bit much, especially if you pair it up with easier access to power techs and upgrades due to the same bonus.

Someone pointed out to me that my logic here may be flawed because it assumes that it takes 3 min 10 seconds to collect the resources to click up to imp. If it takes longer then the logic holds up though. I did the math and with this bonus it takes 14 villagers on food (wheelbarrow) and 11 on gold (no gold upgrades) to sustain imping. Thats definitely useful in normal scenarios but especially in 1 tc scenarios imo.

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Team Bonus - Infantry +2 attack vs Cavalry.

Civ Bonuses -

  1. Start with +100 wood.
  2. Blacksmith and Infantry armors are available one age earlier.
  3. Militia line moves +10% from Feudal Age. Have Squires in the tech tree.
  4. TCs spawn 2 free villagers once built starting from Castle Age.

UT -

  1. Skirmishers +50% bonus attack.
  2. Militia line +30 HP.

New building thought for a Swiss civ:

Blockhaus. A donjon-like building but made of wood. Provides +5 population room and can produce spearmen, archers and battering rams albeit more slowly.

Maybe available in Feudal.

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Stealing from the wiki: AoE1 has this tech - Coinage

This Technology allows gold mines to yield 25% more gold, making them last longer and also makes tributing free by eliminating tariffs. This technology also allows gold miners to work 33% faster and carry +3 gold (+4 for Egyptians). Researching this technology costs 200 food and 100 gold.
It is available to all civilizations.

New Building.
Guardhouse: Cost 100W 100S. Can create skirms or pikes for free but with very long training time.
Fire arrows only when is garrisoned (10 capacity).
6 range (same upgrades than towers).
Same attack than TCs.
A little more HP than towers.

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First Mill, Lumber Camp, Mining Camp are free.

Will save you 300 wood in Dark Age. Is this OP?

New unique building.
Gallow: increase vils and military speed movement but make them easy to convert