[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

Relic can be garrisoned in Tower and TC for 2 or 3 extra arrows while also produce 10% more gold than monastery.


That would be broken with an Ethiopian ally, since Outposts wouldn’t cost stone then.

Hope to no get late… New bonus, vils can hunt trees and can gather food from them…

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Uh, why? That makes no sense.

At least the Portuguese berry bonus makes sense because you could easily gather a few sticks and logs from bushes with fruit or berries on them.

Stay alert with the bugs…

Eating bugs? Gross!

Though I shouldn’t knock it, since many cultures do it, and they’re a good source of protein. But I’d rather take beef or pork any day of the week.

  • Lumberjacks drop off 10% more wood.
  • Villagers work 10% faster within the LOS of TC.

Bugs are more water efficient to cultivate.

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You may want to check this.

There is forager who go into wood to find food like mushroom, fruit or bird egg in its nest.

So, gather wood and found food during cutting tree and gather them too is normal.

TC techs don’t cost food.

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Some random and weird ideas…

Unique Building: Theater

  • Can cause friendly units within 6 tiles to generate 0.01 gold per second. (Not stack.)
  • The more existing Theatres there are, the more expensive it is to build a new one.

More bows more better

  • No Crossbowmen and Arbalester upgrade.
  • Bodkin Arrow, Bracer and Ring Armor provide double the effect.
  • Squires affects foot archer units.

They all use spears so

  • Spearmen have Skirmishers’ armor and attack bonuses.
  • Skirmishers have Spearmen’s armor and attack bonuses.
  • No Halberdier and Elite Skirmisher upgrade.
  • No Bracer.
  • Spearmen have Skirmishers’ armor and attack bonuses.
  • Skirmishers have Spearmen’s armor and attack bonuses.

You mean to switch role between 2 units:

  • make spearman counter archer instead of skirmisher ; archer gonna kite them to dead
  • Make skirmisher counter cavalry instead of spearman ; with minimum range and cavalry speed, skirmisher is dead

Or you mean to have attack bonus and armor upgrade?

  • Spearman have bonus damage against archer while add armor from ring armor for archer too ; Other than a bit more tanky , doesn’t sound stronger
  • Skirmisher have bonus against cavalry and infantry armor add to skirmisher ; Same as spearman , more tanky without much useful.

It’s not a rigorous idea so no answer. 11

Well you can think that what I want is spear-using soldiers in Barracks can counter archers by melee and spear-using soldiers in Archery Ranges can counter horsemen by ranged, so that means the 2 units may have to receive lots of stats tweaks. Armors, speed, attack bonus… They would be basically equivalent to 2 unique units if they are really too far from the original.

I did not read the entire thread so I apologise for anything that was already mentioned. These bonuses are all from my recent attempts to come up with made up Civs.

I also grouped the bonuses up for better readability.

Longer lasting recouces:

  • Gold Mines last lonnger (for a Civ that is reliant on Gold income)
  • Stone Mines last longer (for a Defensive Civ)
  • Trees last longer (probably a too strong water bonus)

Free techs:

  • Ballistics free (strong bonus for an Archer Civ)
  • Devotion and Faith free
  • Careening and Dry Dock free
  • Fletching, Bodkin Arrow and Bracer free (cannot be given to an Archer or Navel Civ)
  • Scale Barding Armor, Chain Barding Armor and Plate Barding Armor free
  • Bloodlines and Husbandry free (both together to differentiate this bonus from Frank HP and Cuman Cav. Speed bonus)
  • War Galley and Galleon free (broken)
  • Carawan free (Team Bonus)

Unite stat modifiers that do not yet exist:

  • ranged units have extra move Speed (probably needs to be on a unique tech)
  • extra HP for Trash units (while Vietnamese, Vikings and Franks give these units extra HP, they are rarely grouped together)
  • Siege units gain extra Pierce Armor
  • Cavalry +1 attack in Castle and +2 in Imp (a no strings attached attack boost for Cavalry that falls short of Farimba and the Lithuanian Relic Bonus)
  • Steppe Lancers attack faster
  • Cav Archers regenerate HP
  • extra Armor for Bulidings
  • ranged units are 100% accurate (for a Civ without thumb ring)
  • Archers fire extra projectiles (they would probably need to miss another upgrade to balace the bonus)
  • Camels gain extra Armor (was one of the old Indian bonuses)
  • Fire Ships gain extra Ship Armor (for a Civ with underwhelming Galleons)
  • Fire Ships deal splash damage
  • Hand Cannoneers deal splash damage
  • Cannon Galleon -2 minimum range (team bonus)
  • Cannon Galleon deal 100% Damage vs Buildings, Ships and Siege (unique Tech)
  • Bombard Cannon -2 minimum range (team bonus)
  • Bombard Cannon deal 100% Damage vs Buldings, Ships and Siege (unique Tech)
  • Bombard Towers deal 100% Damage vs Buildings, Ships and Siege (unique Tech)
  • Monks gain +3 heal and conversion range (powerful monk unique tech)

General unit and/or tech discounts:

  • all units cost 5% less (probably needs to be a unique tech)
  • Market technologies cost no Gold (weak)
  • none unique castle technologies cost -50% (weak)
  • Barraks technologies cost no Gold (slightly different from the general discount of Dravidians)
  • Land unit upgrades (example: Crossbow, Chevalier, etc.) 20% cheaper
  • Trade units cost -50% Wood (Team Bonus)

LOS related:

  • Houses +2 LOS (Team Bonus)
  • Siege +2 LOS (Team Bonus)
  • Camel unis +2 LOS (Team Bonus with great synergy with Gurjaras)

Construction Speed:

  • Towers and Stone Walls are constructed faster
  • Barracks, Archery Range, Stable and Siege Workshop constructed 100% faster (Team Bonus)
  • Drop off sites constructed 100% faster (weak)

Extra POP:

  • Drop of sites prvide +5 POP (weak)
  • Towers and castles provide +5 POP (weak)

Recouces upon death:

  • Demo Ships and Petards return their gold cost upon death
  • Infantry returns part of their cost upon death
    (These bonuses failed in the past, but here I specifically put them on units, which are designed around being expendable)
  • Every time you kill an economic unit (villagers, trade units, fishing ships), receive 50% of said units cost

Tech modifications:

  • Villagers benfit from Barrack technologies (Supplies, Gambasons, Squire, Arson) starting in castle age (powerful Civ defining eco bonus)
  • Gambason and supplies apply to all infantry units (powerful Bonus for a Civ with an infantry unique unit)
  • Dock technologies (Careening, Dry Dock, Gillnets, Shipwright) give double the benefit (powerful late game water and hybrid bonus)
  • Wheelbarrow and Handcard give double the benefit (powerful eco bonus)
  • Town watch and town patrol give an additional +2 LOS

Techs and units available earlier:

  • Careening and Dry Dock available 1 age earlier
  • none unique castle technologies available 1 age earlier


  • Monks are created 50% faster in castle ans 100% faster in Imperial age
  • Convert the wood cost of infanry units into an additional food cost (niche)
  • Hunters and Sheperds do not need to drop of recouces (would be too weak individually)
  • a unique tech which can be researched repeatedly and grants the entire team food per villager with every research (difficult to balance)
  • Constructing archery ranges and stables grants you a free herdable (minor eco bonus which rewards aggressive play)
  • Cavalry deals bonus damage against units below a certain healt threshhold (may not entirely fit AoE2)
  • A unique tech which unlocks your castle unique unit in your Teams military buildings

Complex Civ defining bonuses:

  • all food types can be dropped of at docks (and towers) and yield an additional 10%
    (This bonus essentially forces the player to contest any water he can get his hands on to set up an economy around it. The towers are included because, it needs to be at least somewhat usable on landlocked maps, otherwise the Civ would polarise to heavily.)

  • Villagers produce 50% faster, cost -50% and work 10% slower
    (This Civ bonus essentially forces the player to use the overwhelming economic advantage this bonus provides in the early to mid game to close out the game as fast as possible, otherwise he will inevitably lose, because of the POP ineffiecincy of the villagers. One could give this Civ an unique tech that would improve the work rate of the villagers to only 5% wose than average, to make the lategame economy slightly less bad)

  • only needs to research the most current upgrade on a given upgrade path, determined by the current age, but needs to pay the combined gold cost of the previous upgrades additonally
    Example 1: I’m in Imp and want to tech into Archers and have no Archer defense upgrades. Now I only need to research Ring Archer Armor, but with an additional 150 goldcost from leather archer armor
    Example 2: I’m in castle age and forgot to do the wood upgrades. Now I can just research bow saw and skip double bit axe (still gain the benfits) and at no additional cost, because double bit axe does not cost Gold
    Example 3: I just reached Imp and want to upgrade my current knight mass. I cannot upgrade them to chavalier, because the most current upgrade on the path would be the paladin upgrade. Now I can commit to paladins and save the upgrade 80s upgrade time and #### cost cavalier, but I need to have enough recouces to actually afford the upgrade and can’t go the middle road and just tech into cavalier.
    (This would be a completly Civ warping bonus that can be both overpowerd or an outright hinderance depending on the situation)

Unique Buildings:
A TC like unique building:

  • cost: 275f/50st
  • a bit more durable than military buildings
  • no garrison space or arrowfire
  • produces villagers at 10% slower than TCs
  • 10% more food dropped of at this building

A unique building unlocked in Imperial Age

  • cost: 300w/300st
  • about as durable as a siege workshop
  • allows you to train the castle unique units (elite version) of all the other Civs in the current game, but they produce 20% slower and cost 10% more
    (Tech tree needs to have some notable gaps to ensure that none of the unique units get compltly out of control)

CA does +25% more damage. The civ lacks TR.