Just hope they're not done with civ DLCs for AOE2:DE post AOE4

That’s all I have to say. The civs in the DLCs have been pretty fun so far.


Please dont add now civs any more until multiplayer is fixed. Team games are just broken by dodging and smurfing. We still dont know when the devs will fix this issue. This issue should get a much higher priority then stupid new civs.


More civs please!!..20charlimit


They’re investigating on that regard. I definitely understand you though, at least your concerns in regards to MP.

Literallt posted an update in the patch saying they are working on a fix.


You meant that vague statement under ongoing investigations which might even be a repeat of previous patch notes which only talk about the dodging part (not the smurfing part) of the issue? Based on that statement it didnt really looked like it had the highest priority. It was more a statement to calm down the critics, while dont promise much in the near future.


The fact that they pinned the Alt-F4 thread is a big sign to me at least that they do want to fix this but don’t know how (yet)

A easy to fix smurfing would be to disable family sharing of the game. Other issues arises though :confused:


Forum staff is not the dev team. So the pinned thread doesnt really say much at all. I havent really read the patch notes, but i dont expect a balance change for the Inca team bonus. It is just asked by the user who made the thread to made it into a pinned thread. That is why the Inca team bonus thread is pinned.

But let us stay ontopic. I dont think we should discuss the MP issues (and how to solve them) in this thread. There are already more then enough threads about that subject. I just hope that the devs will first look at the real issues (in my opinion) of the game before they think about adding new civs (we even dont need them is my opinion).

If they banned map selection and had a pool of every map, alt f4ers would just stop wasting their time because it’ll be much much more difficult to get the map they want :wink:
And for others it’ll be much more likely NOT to get a certain map.

Different people have different priorities but I wish you best of luck and hope that your problems get fixed one day.

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Talking about the civs, you can have 195 civs but keep’em for single player adventures, multiplayer should have max 25 civs, more than that is a mess, which we already have it cause balance is sub optimal and since its not their priority to even fix it, they should exclude those civs with aoe 3 mechanics and the later dlcs might have aoe4 things.

During the interview yesterday the same cysion was like well we didn’t have more ideas for aoe2, until they started taking aoe3 ideas into aoe2, clearly they need to stop with that.

I saw Ornlus interview on his YouTube but it was kinda long. Do you have some time stamps?

To be honest, I don’t mind those mechanics. Yes, they’re kinda strange to AOE2 but in healthy doses they can be interesting. You place farms quite differently with Folwarks at your hand e.g.

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You’re over reacting so hard man. There are bigger problems than the occasional ALT+F4

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More civs! More Civs! I payed full price for this epic DLC and I will gladly do so again and again. Caucuasus DLC, African DLC, Asian DLC, Islanders DLC you name it (Just not NA dlc, sorry Szala).


What kind of Islanders are more developed than North Americans? If you think about Sri Lankans, Phillippines or whatever, then okay, but Polynesians and Caribbeans are probably even less developed than Mississippians. Agree with African, Asian and Caucasian DLC-s.


The Spanish and Ports had to fight intense battles against the Taino/Caribs/Zapotechs on route towards the Yucatan, and these kingdoms had to fight one another as well as the kingdoms on the mainland.

The Polynesians had trade routes streaching from South East Asia to south America thus they had diplomatic relations with those civs , not to mention the battles they had to fight, on water and on land to create their vast kingdom. They had structured societies, armies and fortified cities, battles deplomacy with international kingdoms and trade.

I just wish to be able to fight as the Spanish and have more than just 3 Mezzo civs to repeatedly face. And the Polynesians will be completely uniqe in their play style.

I think Portugal never fought Central American Natives. Spain defeated Natives without a problem. The battles were not intense. Where is the source about Polynesian trade routes and diplomatic relations? I find all of them unlikely.


Well when they arrivied in South America I presume they encounters some native resistace. It’s just fun to reenact such encounters using mezzo civs.

Honestly, I would be fine with the DLCs stopping if they let the community mod more civs into the game

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In the campaign tabs dlc campaigns have their own tabs so is there more room to add more?